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From one renewable heating system to another

From one renewable heating system to another
The four bedroom property where a new 13kW Aerona³ heat pump has been installed

A Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump has been installed at a home in Wiltshire, replacing the biomass boiler that was previously heating the property. Working together with an underfloor heating system, the Aerona³ heat pump is operating efficiently to deliver warmth and comfort throughout the home.

Last year, a detached property in Wiltshire, underwent an extension which has turned it into the larger, four bedroom home it is today. The increase in the footprint of the house meant that the previous heating system – a biomass boiler - would have been unable to meet the increased heating demand so the homeowners started their research into an alternative solution. Having had their home kept successfully warm by a renewable heating system for several years, they wanted to continue using green, sustainable technologies to fulfil their heating and hot water demands.

We spoke to the homeowner to discover more about this installation and the decisions involved in swapping their heating system from one renewable technology to another.

Why a heat pump?
“An air source heat pump was suggested to us as the most suitable solution to meet our needs,” comments the homeowner. “Throughout the extension and the rest of our property, we have had an underfloor heating system fitted and our installer informed us that an air source heat pump works very well with this. We also needed a heat source that would be capable of a higher kilowatt output for our increased space heating requirements so this also led us towards a heat pump.”

Why a Grant heat pump?
“When researching air source heat pumps, we considered several models and options but the Grant Aerona³ edged it for both us and our installer. We received excellent sales and technical support from those we spoke to at Grant UK including our local Sales Representative, Chris Price, who answered all our queries regarding how the heat pump unit works and what considerations we would need to factor in when using and maintaining it. Grant UK is also local to us so it was appealing choosing a company based less than half an hour from home!!”

The product installed
A Grant Aerona³ R32 13kW air-to-water heat pump was installed at the property towards the end of 2020. This twin-fan unit has an A+++ ErP rating for space heating, has been awarded the Quiet Mark, and has a compact footprint to minimise the impact on its surrounding environment. With the heat pump successfully set up and commissioned, the homeowners can leave the unit to operate with minimal intervention and with the peace of mind that it is performing with efficiency and reliability to deliver them low carbon heating.

Are you pleased with your new Grant heating system?
“Our new Aerona³ heat pump is working really well,” concludes the homeowner. “The system was commissioned in early January and since then, we have experienced a mix of weather, including snow, and our home has been kept very warm. We are happy customers and look forward to many more years of green home heating!”

Follow the link here to read more about the air source heat pump range from Grant UK. 

From one renewable heating system to another
The installed Aerona³ heat pump

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