Why does my heat pump heat the hot water but not the heating system at the same time?

Air source heat pump systems operate differently to traditional boilers as they are not designed to provide space heating and hot water at the same time. With a typical gas boiler, if the space heating is on and a demand for hot water is asked for, the boiler’s operation will supply hot water to both the taps and the wider system simultaneously. Whereas, with your heat pump, if a demand for hot water is asked for when it is the fulfilling space heating requirements, it will divert its operation to ensure that the hot water demand is met and, once the hot water demand is fulfilled, your heat pump will then revert back to heating your rooms.

How does your heat pump switch between space heating and hot water demands? By using a two-channel programmer which your installer has likely fitted alongside your heat pump. A two-channel programmer will control your heat pump by setting when it is working to provide space heating to heat your home and when it is working to heat your hot water.

It is important to note that, provided your heat pump and controls have been correctly set up, you will not notice any drop in your room temperatures when you ask for hot water because the system should be set up so that it can seamlessly fulfil both space heating and hot water requirements throughout the day.

To learn more about how you can help your heat pump to fulfil your domestic hot water requirements as efficiently as possible, please click here to read about heating controls and hot water priority settings .

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