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Grant VortexAir Range

5 Year guarantee*

Grant VortexAir Range

Using just a single flow and return connection into the house, the VortexAir Hybrid incorporates a 17kW Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump with either a 15/21kW or 21/26kW ultra low NOx VortexBlue oil boiler.

This cleaner oil-fired boiler technology combined with the green credentials of the Aerona³ heat pump results in an innovative hybrid solution which delivers the best of both worlds. Homeowners can introduce renewable technology into their home while also having the peace of mind that comes with the back-up heating provided via the boiler.

a+++ Heating a Water

Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee when installed by a G1 installer. Subject to T&C's.
  • The heat pump can be installed at the same time as the boiler or it can be fitted as part of a two-stage installation which is hugely beneficial in distress purchase situations. When a quick replacement heating solution is required, the VortexAir enables householders to rapidly restore their home heating with the boiler and then later incorporate an alternative fuel source with the heat pump element.
  • The oil boiler can be installed internally or externally providing flexibility with the installation.
  • The Grant VortexAir hybrid has been designed to maximise overall system efficiency with the use of an advanced control system. Automatically monitoring the system temperatures, the unit will seamlessly switch to the most effective heating mode, whether that be heat pump, oil, or a combination of both. There is also the option to manually switch between hybrid and oil.
  • The units are meter ready, fully pre-plumbed and wired, not only making installation easier but also ensuring the heat pump is eligible for the RHI.
  • Heat pump ErP rating A+++.
  • Oil boiler ErP rating A.
Why join the hybrid revolution?

Why join the hybrid revolution?

 Each year, thousands of older oil boilers are changed, most often as distress purchases and requiring a quick replacement heating solution. In these situations, there is often very little opportunity to choose an alternative fuel source, such as a renewable technology, as the work involved in updating the system would leave the property without heating for an extended period of term. Consequently, a different approach to resolving this problem is therefore required – for example, a hybrid.If a householder already has an oil boiler and is thinking of changing to a heat pump, the VortexAir allows them to make the change seamlessly without the added cost of having to resize and replace radiators, or possibly being without heating while the heat pump is being installed. The VortexAir’s unique arrangement allows the oil boiler to be installed first (either internally or externally) as a stand-alone unit replacing an older oil-fired appliance and providing the household with immediate heat and hot water. The heat pump is then installed externally (either joining the externally located oil boiler and creating a single unit, or being located outside of the building where the boiler is located inside), completing this two-stage installation with minimum disruption to the home.

The Grant VortexAir joins the benefits of an air source heat pump with the latest blue flame oil boiler technology, offering homeowners the best of both worlds.




Product code
Depth Max/Min
Boiler Output
Heat Pump Capacity
Heat Pump Power Input
Heat Pump SCOP 35°C
NOx Emissions
ErP Rating
HPIDAIRR32 Grant VortexAir 15/21kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 17kW Heat Pump Hybrid inc. EZ90BFKIT 280kg 1420mm 1786mm 470mm 15-21kW 17kW 3.90kW 4.19 - - a+++ Oil Boiler a Heat Pump
HPIDAIR2R32 Grant VortexAir 21/26kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler and 17kW Heat Pump Hybrid inc. EZ90BFKIT 282kg 1420mm 1786mm 471mm 21-26kW 17kW 3.90kW 4.19 - - a+++ Oil Boiler a Heat Pump
VTXBFAIR Grant VortexAir 15/21kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler 149kg 1420mm 700mm 500mm 21kW - - - - - a Oil Boiler
VTXBFAIR2 Grant VortexAir 21/26kW Blue Flame Oil Boiler 151kg 1420mm 700mm 500mm 26kW - - - - - a Oil Boiler


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