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Low Profile Underfloor Heating – what you need to know

Low Profile Underfloor Heating – what you need to know
Low profile underfloor heating systems can make underfloor heating a viable option for any home

Low profile underfloor heating systems make this type of heat emitter a viable option for almost any home. Simple to install, causing minimal disruption to a home’s interior and suitable for installation as either a screeded or non-screeded system, Grant UK’s Uflex MINI underfloor heating system boasts many advantages. Here we take a look at the main facts homeowners need to know about low profile underfloor heating.

Lots of us are thinking about how we heat our homes and whether we are doing it in the most efficient manner. Upgrading your boiler or installing a renewable heating system, an air source heat pump for example, are the most obvious starting points when assessing your heating but choosing the right heat emitter is also key. Underfloor heating is fast becoming a popular addition to home heating systems for many reasons – efficiency, comfort and design-friendly.

If you are thinking about whether an underfloor heating system would be suitable for your home, you can speak to a member of our Design Team or you can contact a local installer in your area.

What is underfloor heating – different types of system

An underfloor heating system converts the surface of your floor into a heat emitter to deliver warmth evenly into your home (you can read more about how underfloor heating works here). There are different types of underfloor heating systems. The traditional type is embedded into the floor construction when a screed is usually laid over the top of the pipework to a depth of around 75mm. There are also non-screeded or dry systems available which use either heat emission plates (for installation on timber suspended or battened floors) or overlay boards. Then there are low profile underfloor heating systems such as Grant UK’s Uflex MINI system which uses cleverly designed self-adhesive panels, 10mm pipe and self-levelling screed which results in a finished floor height of just 15mm.

Low Profile Vs Standard Profile

Traditional Underfloor Heating Systems

Standard or traditional, in-floor underfloor heating systems tend to use a flow screed of cement mix and this has to be laid to a thicker depth compared to low profile underfloor heating systems. The greater depth of screed takes longer to dry, typically 30 days, which compares to just the 3 days it takes for the self-levelling compound poured over the Uflex MINI low profile system to dry. In addition to having quicker drying times, the low profile underfloor heating systems are also more responsive to changes in the temperature demand because there is less screed between the pipework and the space into which the heat can be transferred.

Low Profile Underfloor Heating Systems

As their name suggests, low profile underfloor heating systems add little additional height to the floor. This usually means that existing floor and door arrangements are not disrupted which is hugely beneficial for retrofit installations. Furthermore, the Uflex MINI system can be installed over any existing sound, level floor surface so unlike standard profile, screeded systems, there is no need to dig up the floors. Instead, your installer will seal the floor with a suitable primer and lay the Uflex MINI panels directly on top which further aids the ease and speed with which the system can be installed.

Please head to our YouTube Channel to watch our video to see a step-by-step installation of the Uflex MINI system.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix low profile with standard UFH?

Yes, you can install both low profile and standard profile underfloor heating systems in your home. For example, you may have a standard profile system installed downstairs and low profile installed upstairs. Alternatively, if you are extending your property, you could opt to install the low profile underfloor heating system in the existing rooms within your home and then fit a traditional, standard profile system within the new extension. It is important to note that each system would require its own separate manifold.

What is the thinnest UFH?

Grant UK’s Uflex MINI low profile underfloor heating system is their lowest profile system. It uses 10mm Uflex MINI pipe (which compares to the 16mm pipe used in the Uflex system) and the self-adhesive Uflex MINI panels combined with the self-levelling compound poured onto the pipe creates a finished floor height of just 15mm.

Do I need a gas boiler to have Underfloor Heating?

No. Underfloor heating systems are ideally suited to low temperature systems, for example the Aerona³ air source heat pump, because they provide a large surface area through which the system can transfer heat into the room. However, underfloor heating systems are suitable for installation with traditional heat sources such as gas boilers and oil boilers, including Grant UK’s HVO compatible Vortex oil boilers. When installed as part of a high temperature system (using a gas boiler or oil boiler), your installer will just need to install a mixing valve/pump unit which will regulate the temperature of the water flowing through the underfloor pipework to make sure it does not exceed maximum temperatures.

Underfloor Heating Vs Radiators

Underfloor heating systems are often compared to radiators with homeowners researching these different heat emitters in order to work out which is the best solution for their home. Sometimes an underfloor heating system is the best option, sometimes aluminium radiators are the best option and sometimes, a mixture of both heat emitters is the right choice. Visit our Knowledge Hub to read more to compare underfloor heating systems and radiators.

Can I retrofit underfloor heating?

Yes. Underfloor heating systems are not only great solutions for new builds and extensions but they can be installed in existing properties as well. With retrofit installations, low profile underfloor heating systems are often the best answer because they can be installed over an existing floor, usually only minimal changes need to be made to floors or doors, and the system can be laid, screeded and filled within a matter of days. The Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay Board systems are also well suited to retrofit installations because similarly the overlay boards can be fitted directly on top of an existing floor (providing it is level and sound) although the finished floor height is slightly taller that the Uflex MINI underfloor heating system.

Grant UK’s Uflex Underfloor Heating Range – in summary

Grant UK supply complete wet underfloor heating systems, including the pipework, components, accessories, manifolds and controls, which can be installed with a variety of heat sources from boilers through to renewables.

Uflex Underfloor Heating System

The Uflex system is embedded into the floor and ideally suited to new builds. It can be installed as a screeded system (a standard profile underfloor heating system) or dry system using either overlay boards or heat emission plates.

  • Simple installation
  • Multiple installation options
  • Unique edge insulation to minimise heat loss through the walls
  • Uses 16mm Uflex pipe (available as PE-RT or PEX-AL-PEX)

Discover more about the Uflex Underfloor Heating System

Uflex MINI Underfloor Heating System

The Uflex MINI underfloor heating system can be installed over any existing sound and level floor surface and is very low in finished floor height. The Uflex MINI system is suitable for retrofits and extensions as well as new builds.

  • Uses 10mm Uflex MINI pipe and has a 15mm finished floor height
  • Fully dry in only 3 days
  • Quick reaction time
  • Suitable for ground floor and first floor installations

Discover more about the Uflex MINI Underfloor Heating System

Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System

The Overlay System from Grant UK uses lightweight, high-density polystyrene boards which can be laid on almost any new or existing floor surface. A dry system, it is an alternative to screeded systems and is ideally suited for retrofit installations.

  • Boards at 16mm thick (for installation with Uflex MINI pipe) and 20mm thick (for installation with Uflex pipe)
  • Straightforward installation
  • No screed and therefore no drying time
  • Minimal increase to existing floor height

Discover more about the Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System

Low Profile UFH Case Studies

Follow the links below to read case studies which show our Uflex MINI low profile underfloor heating system in action.

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