Uflex MINI underfloor heating is the ideal solution for kitchen refurb

Uflex MINI underfloor heating is the ideal solution for kitchen refurb
Credit: The Uflex MINI panels laid with the pipework clipped into place ready for the screed.

A kitchen in a Southampton home has recently been refurbished which involved the installation of a Uflex MINI underfloor heating system. With its incredibly low profile at just 15mm in finished floor height, Grant’s Uflex MINI was the perfect answer to meet the heating requirements of this living space.

The owners of a four-bedroom detached property in Southampton, Hampshire, completely refurbished their home’s kitchen and utility room in July 2019. The major refit involved entirely clearing the two rooms, which includes a large kitchen area with the utility room adjacent, from floor to ceiling. The property’s heat source is natural gas and, when it came to deciding which heat emitter to install, finding a solution which accommodated the rooms’ new designs and layouts was essential.

Introducing Grant’s Uflex MINI low-profile underfloor heating system

Grant’s Uflex MINI wet underfloor heating system was selected for the job. This system is suitable for all types of properties, including new builds, but it lends itself particularly well to renovations because it can be installed over any existing stable, level floor surface and has a finished floor profile which is only 15mm in height. It was the incredibly low finished floor profile which was important to this homeowner as it was necessary to choose an underfloor heating system which would not impede on the other infrastructures within the rooms.

Features of our Uflex Mini system

  • Incredibly low profile with only 15mm in finished floor height
  • Quick reaction time
  • Ideally suited for ground and first floor installations

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The Job: Underfloor Heating for Kitchens

Kevin Ratcliffe, of Kevin Ratcliffe Plumbing and Heating, was the installer for this project and this installation was his first time fitting the Uflex MINI system from Grant. Installing the heating system was completed within one day and heat was introduced to the system just three days later.

One of the reasons why this system is quick to install is because it uses sturdy, self-adhesive panels which can simply be laid into place and cut to fit when required. The 9.9mm pipe is then clipped in between the castellations within the panels with no need for staples. For this installation, Kevin lay the Uflex MINI pipe in a meander pattern ensuring that the system can emit heat evenly throughout all corners of the kitchen and utility room.

Upon completion of the pipe being positioned, the manifolds being installed and connected, and the system being filled and tested, Kevin then poured a self-levelling screed over the panels and pipework. For this installation, Kevin used a combination of screed with renovation latex and, with the Uflex MINI system being so compact in size, the drying time was very quick. After three days, the screed had dried and heat was then introduced to the system.

Since the Uflex MINI installation was complete, the homeowner has been very pleased with their new underfloor heating system. The heat output is excellent and both the kitchen and utility room are being kept at a comfortable temperature in the living space that matters. Easy to install, quick to dry and incredibly low in finished floor height, Grant’s Uflex MINI underfloor heating system should be the heat emitter of choice when installers and their customers want to keep disruption to the home minimal.

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The Uflex MINI panels can be cut to suit the space in which they are being installed
The Uflex MINI panels can be cut to suit the space in which they are being installed.
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