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Why underfloor heating is the perfect solution for any home

Low profile Uflex MINI underfloor heating system installed in bedroom

The design, compatibility and versatility of underfloor heating are three reasons why it is becoming increasingly viable for more and more homes. In this second blog, we take a look at another two of the benefits that this type of heating system can offer to homeowners who may be considering an upgrade to their heating system.

Before we explore the performance and installation benefits of underfloor heating systems, let us just remind ourselves of the three benefits that we explored in Part One around design, compatibility and versatility.

1. Underfloor heating is unobtrusive in design
Underfloor heating is invisible within a room meaning that a room’s aesthetics are unaffected. Furthermore, these systems deliver optimal comfort temperatures in the occupied living space, reducing the amount of heat that is wasted.

2. Underfloor heating is compatible with multiple heat sources
From oil, gas and biomass boilers through to low temperature systems such as air source heat pumps, underfloor heating is the perfect partner for many heat sources.

3. There is an underfloor solution for almost any home
Today’s underfloor heating market is full of products which can suit new builds, renovations, extensions, first floor and ground floor situations. With this in mind, underfloor heating really can be installed in almost any home.

If these first three reasons have not persuaded you to consider underfloor heating for your home, let’s see if the next two benefits can...

Improved heating system efficiencies

When correctly designed and installed, underfloor heating can allow the heat source to work at its optimal efficiency. This is particularly so with air source heat pumps where the lower the flow temperature, the better the output and efficiency of the heat pump.

The increased thermal mass of an underfloor heating system enables it to work at its best when it is not frequently turned on and off. Instead, using ‘setback controls’, underfloor heating can remain on, delivering warmer temperatures during times of occupancy and then setting back to minimum temperature levels when a room is not occupied (e.g. night time).

This set-up enables the floor to remain warm while also reducing the heat-up time when demand returns for higher temperatures. This in turn reduces the overall demand on the heat source, helping it to work as efficiently as possible which in the long term can deliver lower heating costs.

Underfloor installations are simpler than common misconceptions suggest

There are a number of misconceptions out there regarding underfloor heating and the complications which can arise with its installation. Whether it be the perceived level of difficulty laying the pipework or the length of time required to complete the installation from start to finish, some installers (and therefore their customers) have been turned away from underfloor heating. These perceptions can be dispelled thanks to supplier support and new product designs.

For example, to assist with the design and installation of underfloor systems, Grant UK can provide installers with a comprehensive service including system design, quotation and, upon placing an order, full system drawings which detail the precise layout of the loops and the position of the pipework. So, if you are thinking about underfloor heating but your installer is unsure, ask them to get in touch with Grant UK’s Design Team who can answer any queries and questions they may have.

In addition, underfloor heating products are more installer-friendly than ever before. The low-profile systems mentioned previously (the Uflex MINI system for example) can be fitted by a single operative with the pipework simply clipped into place without the need for the staples or clips used with the traditional screeded systems. Furthermore, these low-profile systems often require lower depths of screed to be laid over the pipework which can reduce the drying time to as little as three days. Consequently, installing these underfloor heating systems is a straightforward, simple and quick process which is beneficial for installers and can help reduce costs onsite for homeowners.

So, there you go - five reasons as to why homeowners like you should be getting to know underfloor heating!

To learn more about Grant’s underfloor heating range, take a look at the Uflex and Uflex MINI ranges in further detail.

Grant Uflex Mini illustrated in kitchen
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