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Grant Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump

5 Year guarantee*

Grant Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump

The Aerona³ air source heat pump from Grant provides a cost effective renewable alternative to traditional off-gas heating methods. Providing both heating and hot water for the property, this innovative range features units with greater operating efficiencies at lower external temperatures, larger outputs to match the type of properties encountered and reduced noise levels when working.

a++ Heating a Water

Features & benefits

These ground breaking inverter driven heat pumps have a superior SCOP even when external temperatures drop as low as -20°C. Three single phase models are available in 6kW, 10kW and 16kW outputs.

The Aerona³ is the third generation of heat pumps to be launched by Grant UK. This new range is an innovative inverter driven air to water unit that is designed to maintain a reliable and consistent heat output, even at low outdoor temperatures.

With outputs of 6kW, 10kW and 16kW, the Grant Aerona³ is compact in size and combines clever design features such as weather compensation controls and a base tray heating element to stop ice formation in cold weather conditions. The units are incredibly efficient and have an ErP rating of A++ for heating across the range. The Grant Aerona³ heat pump units will suit homes which want to incorporate renewable technologies when space is at a premium. As with all Grant products, the Aerona³ is geared towards easy installation and maintenance for both installers and homeowners.

New Interface Relay Box

All of Grant’s Aerona³ air source heat pumps are now supplied with an Interface Relay Box which is designed to easily and conveniently provide the volt free switching required by the heat pumps. It uses the heating and hot water switched live outputs from the heating system wiring centre. The Relay Box can be installed next to the wiring centre or, alternatively, it can be located nearer to the Aerona³ heat pump. Please note, it cannot be installed externally.


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Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)

The Aerona³ inverter driven heat pumps have a superior SCOP even when external temperatures drop as low -20°C. The SCOP is the overall performance of the heat pump when used in a designated heating season (warm, average or cold), calculated as the reference annual heating demand divided by the annual energy consumed. Testing is carried out to European and British Standard BS EN 14825 establishing the seasonal space heating energy efficiency and SCOP at various ambient temperatures and system flow temperatures. For example, the Grant Aerona³ HPID6 model produces 6kW at a SCOP of over 4 when tested at low temperature and average climate conditions. This means, for every kilowatt (kW) of energy used to run the Aerona³, over 4kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return. It is important to note that as the outside air gets colder, the output and therefore the SCOP of an air source heat pump falls slightly due to the reduced amount of heat energy in the air. Consequently, the output from the Aerona³ will modulate down or up depending on the climate conditions and the demand on the heating system, giving the homeowner peace of mind that their heat pump is working as efficiently as possible every day of the year.

  • *5 year guarantee when installed by a G1 installer. Subject to T&C's
  • MCS Approved
  • 6kW-16kW heat output
  • High SCOP’s sustainable at low temperatures
  • Compact size
  • Single phase
  • Simple plumbing and electrical connections
  • Factory fitted weather compensation control
  • Base tray heating element
How Grant heat pumps work

How Grant heat pumps work

The Grant Aerona uses an air to water system which utilises heat energy captured from the air in ‘wet’ heating system radiators or underfloor heating. The process uses the same vapour/compression cycle that extracts heat in a domestic fridge. A refrigerant with a low boiling point is exposed to external air temperatures in an evaporator. The liquid boils off to a gas and absorbs the latent heat energy of the air. This gas is then compressed increasing the heat content in the refrigerant, before passing through a heat exchanger where it condenses back to a liquid state while transferring the heat to the water of the heating system. The liquid refrigerant is then re-circulated through the evaporator and the cycle is repeated.

The heat source used by Grant Aerona³ heat pumps is entirely renewable which helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and, in so doing, lowers the carbon footprint of the household.


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Product code
ErP Rating
Energy Label
Product Fiche
HPID6 Grant Aerona³ 6kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 53kg 675mm 825mm 327mm 4.34 a++ View View
HPID10 Grant Aerona³ 10kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 75kg 882mm 850mm 357mm 4.35 a++ View View
HPID16 Grant Aerona³ 16kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 121kg 1418mm 1000mm 357mm 4.19 a++ View View



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