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Aerona³ heat pumps take heating to a new level

Aerona³ heat pumps take heating to a new level
The two Aerona³ 13kW heat pumps were wall mounted for this installation

A chapel in North Yorkshire has been renovated and converted into a home where two Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps have been installed to provide the heating and hot water. With the space outside of the property limited, Grant’s compact and slim heat pumps were the perfect solution.

Three years ago, the owners of an old chapel in the village of Langthwaite in North Yorkshire started out on a renovation project which would see the property transform into their ideal home. At 140 years old, the chapel underwent a complete make-over and with its change of use, the need for a reliable heating system was also pressing. The property’s owners were both keen to make their home as green as possible but a drive to be sustainable was not the sole factor which led them to choose air source heat pumps.

Located in a rural setting, the property is off mains gas and an alternative solution to a traditional fuel source was needed. The external surrounds of the chapel did not permit the space for the installation of an oil tank so attention soon turned to air source heat pump technology. Heat pumps also require sufficient clearances around the installed unit and with a wall surrounding the perimeter of the property, siting the heat pumps on the ground was not a possibility either. With space tight and the need for the units to be wall-hung, compact sized heat pumps were required and this is where the Grant Aerona³ R32 models stepped in.

“To fulfil the heat demand of the property, two Aerona³ 13kW models were selected for this installation,” explains Oliver Carter of Teesdale Renewables. “This installation did present us with plenty of questions when we were assessing the premises and identifying the best position to site the heat pumps. Grant’s heat pumps are slim and their smaller stature meant that we were able to achieve the necessary clearances and circulation around the units.

“Installing two heat pumps as wall-hung units was a first for me but it was the best solution for this particular job and again, the Aerona³ units were the only ones to fit this bill. We have attached both heat pumps onto the side of the property with 800mm bolts and using a frame to securely fix the units in place. By elevating the heat pumps above the height of a traditional floor position, we were able to install a renewable heating solution for this off-gas property.”

This chapel conversion has seen the property develop into a large four bedroom home comprising of two sitting rooms, a snug, substantial kitchen and living space and a master bedroom 40m² in size. Underfloor heating was installed on all three floors of the property with approximately 2,200m of pipework used. In addition, a Grant stainless steel hot water cylinder was installed alongside the heat pumps to complete the system which was commissioned in the Spring of 2021.

“The new heating system has been working well for our customers,” concludes Oliver. “When we completed the installation last year, it was during a very cold spell of weather. Within the first day of operation, the Grant heat pumps had raised the property’s internal temperatures by 11.5ºC even when the external temperature was around -3ºC. Our clients are also finding the controls user-friendly and easy to operate.”

This Grant heating system has been operating for over a year, during which time the heat pump has been performing well for the homeowners who are happy with their renewable heating system.

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