Vortex Boiler House

5 Year guarantee*

Vortex Boiler House

The Grant Vortex Boiler House range is ideal for locations that are difficult to access such as cellars or plant rooms, where a white cased utility boiler is not always the best solution.

All Boiler House models come in a distinctive powder coated casing in Grant’s iconic red. The Riello RDB burner is externally mounted and the boilers feature the same technologies associated with other Grant boilers. With high efficiencies and low running costs, the Vortex Boiler House range is eye-catching in both appearance and performance.

a Heating

Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee when installed by a G1 Installer (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Available in outputs between 15kW up to 70kW
  • Very efficient with space heating efficiencies of between 90.06% - 92.7%
  • Encompass the same unique stainless steel heat exchangers as other Vortex boilers
  • Compact design making them ideal for garage, plant room and cellar installations
  • Feature latest Riello low NOx burner technology
  • Compatible with Grant EZ-Fit flue systems
  • As with all of Grant’s Vortex oil boilers, this range is biofuel compatible (depending on the type of biofuel and % blend)
  • Heating engineers should visit the Professionals Vortex Boiler House range webpage to read more about these models
Effectively controlling your Grant boiler

Effectively controlling your Grant boiler

Modern day control systems can help homeowners to precisely manage their home heating, achieving maximum comfort with improved efficiencies. Room thermostats and controls deliver heat when and where it is most needed, reducing the demand when not required which consequently reduces the demand on the boiler. In addition, weather compensators such as the Grant GEO360 can adjust system water temperature to match a heat output closer to the needs of the home which can also help save fuel.

Learn more about weather compensation systems from Grant here.


Product code
Set Output
Max Output
NOx Emissions
Energy Rating
Load Profile
Energy Label
Product Fiche
VTXBH1521 Grant Vortex Boiler House 15-21 18kW 21kW 125kg 714mm 431mm 597mm 92.70 Class 2 a Heating - View View
VTXBH2126 Grant Vortex Boiler House 21-26 23.5kW 26kW 125kg 714mm 431mm 597mm 91.70 Class 2 a Heating - View View
VTXBH2635 Grant Vortex Boiler House 26-35 31kW 35kW 143kg 714mm 431mm 597mm 92.40 Class 2 a Heating - View View
VTXBH3646 Grant Vortex Boiler House 36-46 41kW 46kW 145kg 703mm 456mm 592mm 90.06 Class 2 a Heating - View View
VTXBH4658 Grant Vortex Boiler House 46-58 52kW 58kW 257kg 1024mm 543mm 768mm 91.98 Class 2 a Heating - View View
VTXBH5870 Grant Vortex Boiler House 58-70 64kW 70kW 301kg 1024mm 543mm 768mm 91.66 Class 2 a Heating - View View


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