EZ-Fit External High Level / Vertical Flues (Green System) for internal boilers

EZ-Fit External High Level / Vertical Flues (Green System) for internal boilers

Compatible with all Vortex oil boilers, the Green Flue System from Grant incorporates black painted high level and vertical flue components suitable for external installation. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the Green System is supplied in modular form with extensions, terminals, elbows and brackets available to cater for the requirements of most installations.


Features & benefits

  • With internal boilers, the Green System allows for the flue to be extended vertically outside of the property
  • The starter kit takes the flue outside at low level, then extensions and elbows are used to build a bespoke flue design - this is particularly useful when the flue system needs to navigate around a window for example
  • Suitable for Grant boilers up to 70kW
  • Maximum vertical flue length = 8 metres
  • Maximum horizontal flue length = 4 metres
  • Supplied in modular form enabling most installations to be accommodated, especially when a more complicated configuration is required
  • Short (270 – 350mm) or standard (370 – 550mm) starter kits
  • Double skin extensions available in 150mm, 250mm, 450mm or 950mm fixed lengths and a 195-270mm adjustable length
  • Possible to create offsets in straight flue runs by using our 45° elbows and extensions

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