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The Grant whole house case study, which is featuring in PHPI magazine, showcases a complete renewables home heating package that Grant UK can deliver for our customers.

From air source heat pumps, underfloor heating, aluminium radiators and hot water storage, Grant UK has a solution with the in-house expertise on hand to deliver comprehensive customer support from start to finish. 

Whether you are homeowner interested in making your home heating more sustainable or a heating professional looking to expand into the renewables market, please get in touch with us.


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Renewable Heat Incentive

To encourage and support homeowners with the transition of heating their home with renewable energy, the Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) issues eligible installations with quarterly payments over seven years. Through the RHI, householders can earn a financial return on their renewable heating system  – for example, a Grant Aerona³ 13kW air source heat pump could earn an estimated annual RHI payment of £1,300 which could total in excess of £9,000 over the duration of seven years.

Homeowners looking to apply for the RHI must meet the Scheme’s criteria which includes selecting an eligible renewable heating system (all of Grant’s heat pumps, hybrids and solar thermal systems are eligible) which needs to be commissioned and certified by a MCS accredited installer. Through Grant UK’s G-CERT Scheme, installers can complete their installations to MCS standards without being MCS certified themselves – Grant UK acts as the MCS accredited organisation so when an installer becomes a G-CERT Sub-Contractor, both they and their customers can realise the full potential of a Grant renewable heating system.

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Combining heating technologies

For over four decades, Grant Engineering have been researching, designing and developing efficient heating systems to meet the changing needs of all our homes. This has resulted in the comprehensive range of products that Grant UK can supply to customers today. While each individual product is exceptionally efficient in its own right, when multiple heating technologies are partnered and installed together, a home’s overall efficiency can be taken into a new class.

For example, installing an Aerona³ air source heat pump with a Grant ‘A’ rated MonoWave 200 litre cylinder and a Sahara two collector solar thermal system, a combined package efficiency of A+++ could be achieved for the whole heating system. Consequently, by installing more than one heating technology, homeowners can not only significantly reduce their carbon footprint but also their energy bills.

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Package Solutions

A heating system’s overall efficiency can be significantly improved by combining multiple technologies. From heat pumps to cylinders and effective heat emitters, you can get all of these products from Grant.

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