Grant Aerona³ accessories

Grant Aerona³ accessories

To accompany both the Aerona³ and VortexAir Hybrid, Grant supply a range of heat pump accessories compatible with all of the models. These accessories are available to purchase individually and some are available as part of a heat pump pack.

Features & benefits

Sealed system kits
Sealed system kits are available to suit all Aerona³ heat pump models and they are available in three sizes: 12ltr, 18ltr and 50ltr.

Flexi-foot kit with fixings
Supplied in a pack comprised of two 600mm feet for mounting the Aerona³, the flexi-foot kit serves as anti-vibration as well raising the heat pump off the ground. When using these with a VortexAir Hybrid when both the boiler and heat pump are sited together externally, two kits will be required totalling four feet.

Through wall insulation kit
This kit is a heavy duty 22-28mm flexi hose specifically designed for the Aerona³.

Hot Water Priority Relay
This relay gives hot water priority within the central heating system. When the hot water boost is turned on as a result of needing hot water served within the home, the Grant Water Priority Relay will close the valve to the heating system. This allows the cylinder to fill with hot water without taking hot water from the heating system, satisfying the demands for both hot water and heating simultaneously.

Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Boost Kit
Grant’s DHW boost kit automatically switches on the cylinder’s immersion element when the heat pump has raised the cylinder contents to about 45°C, taking the water up to the desired water temperature, set by the immersion thermostat. It has an additional feature of automatic bacteria protection. An integrated timer is set programmed to bring on the immersion either daily or weekly for a short period of time, allowing sanitisation of the cylinder contents. This sanitisation regime is a requirement of SAP and should be fitted with every heat pump/cylinder installation.

Volumisers & Buffers
It is a requirement for a system volumiser to be fitted with every Grant ASHP or hybrid installation. Grant's range of buffers and volumisers allow for different configurations of the flow and return to and from the heat source, helping to maintain a constant flow rate and maximise system efficiency.

  • Sealed System kits (Part codes: HPAWSSK12 / HPAWSSK18 / HPAWSSK50)
  • 600mm Flexi-foot pair with fixings (Part Code: HPIDFOOT/KIT2)
  • Through wall insulation kit (Part Code: HPIDINSU/KIT)
  • Hot Water Priority Relay (Part code: HPWPR1)
  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Boost Kit (Part code: HPDHWBK2)
  • 50 litre uninsulated volumiser (1 flow / 1 return connection) (Part Code: HPIDBUFFER50)
  • 30 litre insulated volumiser (1 flow / 1 return connection) (Part Code: HPIDVOL30)
  • 50 litre insulated buffer (2 flow/ 2 return connections) with 3kW immersion heater (Part Code:HPIDBUFF50X)
Aerona³ ASHP Packs

Aerona³ ASHP Packs

January 2020 will bring 3 new installation packs to the Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump range, these new packs will include all of the essential accessories and customers simply need to select the pack which suits their installation needs.

The standard components supplied in each pack: AC Isolator, 18ltr sealed system kit, flexi foot kit, Mag One filter, through wall insulation kit, 25ltr anti-freeze, domestic hot water boost kit and hot water priority relay.

Installation Pack 1 (HPIDR32PACK1) is the standard pack which contains the eight core accessories.

Installation Pack 2 (HPIDR32PACK2) comprises of the eight core accessories plus a 30ltr insulated Volumiser

Installation Pack 3 (HPIDR32PACK3) includes the eight core accessories plus a 50ltr insulated Buffer with integrated 3kW immersion.

To read more on these new packs, click here.

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