Heating System Installer Survey now open

Heating System Installer Survey now open

The Heat Pump Association alongside heating manufacturers have been working with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to develop a survey to encourage heating engineers to share further information about the challenges their businesses are currently facing, the findings of which will help inform the transition to Net Zero.

Two years ago, a survey was distributed by the heating industry and Government to 130,000 heating system engineers which captured data about those working in the heating sector. Useful information was sourced from this survey, such as proximity to retirement, average company size, and confidence with different technologies. The findings of this 2019 survey have proven insightful and, alongside future data capture, will help the sector work together towards Net Zero.

Industry and Government are now following up on the findings of this original survey to really understand the challenges faced by heating engineers. A new survey has been opened which aims to capture further research which will help Government and the industry to create an environment which will aid the UK’s transition to Net Zero. The new survey has been coordinated by representative bodies from across the heating industry and all heating engineers and installers are invited to complete it.

The feedback and comments of those working in the industry is greatly valued and needed to help guide the future of the industry. Therefore, engineers and installers who work with traditional, renewable or all types of heating systems are encouraged to complete the survey.

Update August 2021 - This survey is now closed.

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