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A Grant VortexBlue proves to be the ideal boiler replacement for a property in Berkshire

A Grant VortexBlue proves to be the ideal boiler replacement for a property in Berkshire
The VortexBlue internal oil boiler installed and ready to heat the property.

A five-bedroom home in Reading, Berkshire, has had its heating restored thanks to a new Grant VortexBlue Internal oil boiler. Not only is the system upgraded and now achieving improved efficiencies, the homeowner also has the peace of mind that comes with a ten-year guarantee for their VortexBlue boiler.

Earlier this Autumn, a Grant VortexBlue Internal 36kW oil-fired boiler, with an output range of 26-36kW, was selected as a boiler replacement install for a home in Reading. The property’s previous oil boiler had failed and was starting to leak so the homeowner needed a solution to restore the property’s heating in the lead up to the Winter. They consulted EPH System Ltd, G1 Installers based in Newbury, to discuss the range of options available to them.

A Grant VortexBlue model was chosen and the installation was completed in early October. In addition to the new boiler, the location of the boiler was also changed moving from an outbuilding into the property’s garage. The VortexBlue Internal 36kW model selected is compact in size, being 470mm in width, has a white casing and a simplified pipework arrangement making for a straightforward install. The neatness of their new boiler is just one of the features that has impressed the homeowner.

The VortexBlue range from Grant comprises of internal, external and combi models with outputs ranging from 15kW up to 36kW. The boilers deliver efficiency and reliability while also incorporating the latest Riello ultra-low NOx burner technology. While the technology is sophisticated, the product features of VortexBlue boilers are familiar to heating engineers which makes for simple installation and servicing and this is one of the reasons why EPH System Ltd install Grant boilers.

“I have been installing Grant boilers for well over twenty years,” comments Iain Bremner of EPH System Ltd. “Grant Vortex and VortexBlue oil-fired boilers are my boiler of choice because of the ease of installation and the quality of the products. I love how straightforward it is working with Grant products.”

The homeowner is very pleased with the completed installation. In particular, they are impressed by the improved efficiency of the upgraded heating system as well as the ten-year guarantee that comes with their new VortexBlue boiler as it is has been installed by a G1 Installer. Not only can they enjoy reduced fuel bills and cleaner home heating, the homeowner also has a decade of peace of mind courtesy of the guarantee.

“Following discussion with our client and talking through the various options available to them, we recommended a VortexBlue Internal 26/36kW boiler as the best option to meet their property’s heating requirements,” continues Iain from EPH System Ltd. “Our recommendation was based on the quality and reliability of these boilers. In addition, the backup services available from Grant UK have always been excellent in our experience from their Technical and Customer Service Teams.”

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A Grant VortexBlue proves to be the ideal boiler replacement for a property in Berkshire
Iain from EPH Systems completing the pre-commission checks on the boiler during installation.

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