Grant UK welcomes Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme

Grant UK welcomes Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme

The Green Homes Grant scheme has been announced by the Government as part of their economic recovery plan following the impacts of the Coronavirus. This new scheme, which also works towards the Government’s long-term strategy to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, will allow households in England to receive vouchers towards the costs of energy-saving improvements to their homes.

Launching in September later this year, the Government’s Green Homes Grant will provide homeowners and landlords based in England with vouchers which will contribute up to two-thirds of the costs involved in making energy-saving improvements to their properties. Households will be able to complete an online application form detailing the energy efficiency measures they wish to carry out within their homes as well as receiving details of local suppliers accredited to complete the works. An accredited supplier would then need to create a quotation and, once the work is approved, a voucher will be issued which will go towards the total costs of the improvements. These vouchers will be worth up to £5,000 with the poorest households being eligible for vouchers up to £10,000.

It is hoped that this new scheme, which also incorporates funding for improvements to public buildings and social housing as well, will achieve several environmental and economic objectives. Improving the insulation of a property can significantly reduce its heat loss which in turn can lower the demand on the heat source keeping a home warm. Households can therefore benefit from lower energy bills as well as reducing their carbon footprint. The scheme, by encouraging an increase in the uptake of environmentally friendly home improvements, will also strive to create jobs in the heating sector, developing opportunities for skilled workers who can fulfil the demand.

“The Green Homes Grant is a welcome initiative and will play an important part in encouraging the country to progress towards the Government’s net zero carbon targets,” comments Paul Wakefield, Managing Director of Grant UK. “Not only will the scheme hopefully deliver economic benefits with job opportunities in our sector, it also provides individual households with the chance to assess their homes and make changes to improve its energy efficiency. Measures, such as loft or wall insulation and double or triple glazing, can greatly improve a property’s existing energy performance. Furthermore, some households may wish to go one step further and consider installing energy-saving home improvements in preparation of upgrading their heating system to a hybrid or renewable heat source, such as an air source heat pump. Consequently, households could not only benefit from reducing their energy wastage but they could also futureproof their homes with green heating technologies as a result of this initiative.”

**Update March 2021** The Government has announced that the Green Homes Grants Voucher scheme will close for new applicants on 31st March 2021.

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