New ‘Knowledge Hub’ launched on Grant UK website

couple looking at Grant UK knowledge hub
Grant UK's Knowledge Hub is designed to help homeowners better understand renewable heating systems

Grant UK has launched a brand new section on its website called the ‘Knowledge Hub’ which is dedicated to homeowners, providing them with a selection of information relating to sustainable heating solutions helping them to make informed decisions about their future home heating.

The ‘Knowledge Hub’ is an exciting new feature on the Grant UK website that visitors can access via the Homeowner section. It is split into five zones with each one designed to help consumers increase their understanding of renewable heating technologies. Whether visitors are just starting out their research into a new home heating system or whether they are looking at different ways to improve the efficiency of their heating appliance, the ‘Knowledge Hub’ can provide an answer.

Each zone contains useful articles and references relating to greener home heating solutions. The ‘Tips & Advice’ zone contains a selection of blogs which share useful information with homeowners for them to discover more about renewable technology and the ways it can make their heating system more sustainable, whereas the ‘Education Area’ provides visitors with details about how certain renewable heating technologies work. The ‘Case Studies’ zone delivers real-life examples of Grant renewable heating systems installed and in action, with the last two zones – ‘FAQs’ and the ‘Glossary’ – providing consumers with the finer details to help fill in any gaps in their knowledge not answered in the other areas.

“Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of selecting sustainable, more environmentally friendly products for their homes, and this includes heating systems,” writes Anna Wakefield, Grant UK’s Head of Marketing and Data Protection. “Many consumers looking to upgrade their heating have a desire to better understand how greener technologies work and the benefits they could bring. This is why we have created this new ‘Knowledge Hub’. With the Government’s 2050 carbon targets in mind, we hope the new feature will become a useful resource for those looking to lower their carbon footprint and future proof their home heating system using renewable technologies.”

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