Clever Solar Solutions from Grant
Clever Solar Solutions from Grant

In an effort to easily combine renewables like solar thermal with conventional heating systems, the Grant R&D team is dedicated to developing simple to install solutions that can make this a possibility.

In recent years we’ve devised the Grant WinterSOL, which provides householders with a fully heated cylinder of hot water during periods of low solar thermal gain, therefore ensuring satisfactory hot water demand.

Another device, and possibly one of the most successful of all the integrated solutions, is the Grant CombiSOL. This product was first to market in the UK, enabling installers to join a combination boiler and solar thermal – a predicament that had even the most competent of installers scratching their heads. In short, it controls the outlet temperature of stored water produced by a solar thermal and directs the flow either directly to the hot water outlet or via the combi boiler. The CombiSOL stole the show in the category of ‘Innovative Product of the Year 2012’ at OFTEC’s annual awards last year.

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