A step by step installation of a VortexBlue by G1 installers RSK

We joined G-One installers, RSK, whilst they fitted the popular 26kW kitchen/utility boiler.

 Even though there is a growing demand for rural homes to be heated by renewable technologies, oil still continues to be a popular choice for properties in off-gas areas, especially with fuel prices currently being so low.  With this is mind, Grant’s R&D team continue to focus on improving their oil product offering and stay ahead of the game. 

The Company have been busy developing and trialling a new generation of clean burning, low emission and high efficiency boilers to exceed EU emission changes planned to come into force in 2018. The all new ‘VortexBlue’ range of oil fired condensing boilers incorporate the latest Riello blue flame compact burner. With outputs from 21 to 36kW available across a variety of models, this advanced technology is easy to install and set up.

 Dimensions of the new ‘Blue’ models are the same as the existing ranges, making replacement of older products very easy. What’s more, the new VortexBlue boilers are compatible with all of Grant’s EZ-Fit flue systems. Grant is currently offering a 10 Year Warranty on the VortexBlue via their G-One Accredited Installer network, five times longer than standard Grant boiler warranties. By offering a longer warranty period on the new blue flame oil boiler models, Grant says it will hopefully encourage customers to consider a low NOx green alternative to its standard Vortex range.

Step by step

1. The new VortexBlue is unpacked, unscrewed from the pallet and placed in position

2. RSK powerflush the system, dig the soakaway and cut a hole in the brickwork for the condensate pipe.

3. A Grant Mag One filter is fitted and a system inhibitor is added. With a simple to install, triple action filtration design, the Mag One filters magnetite and non-ferrous debris from central heating systems, using a 12000 gauss neodymium magnet.

4. The Grant EZ-Fit low level balanced flue is fitted and insulation is added around it.

 5. Plumbing and electrical connections are made and the baffles are checked.

 6. The boiler is commissioned - pump pressure is tested, and an analyser is used to check CO2 levels. The RSK team make good, including cementing the flue in and fitting the guard.

7. The flue is cemented in.  

8. The VortexBlue is ready to fire!