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A home in the Scottish Borders welcomes Grant Aerona³ heat pump

A home in the Scottish Borders welcomes Grant Aerona³ heat pump
A Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump installed at a home in the Scottish Borders in April 2018.

A Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump has been installed at a property in Hawick in the Scottish Borders, delivering reliable, low carbon heating for many years to come.

Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and developers who are looking to install cost effective renewable technologies as an alternative to traditional off-gas heating methods. The Grant Aerona³, which was Highly Commended in the category for Heat Pump Product of the Year at the 2018 National ACR and Heat Pump Awards, is highly efficient, straightforward to install and user-friendly for homeowners, three of the reasons why it was chosen for this recent install in the Scottish Borders.

The property’s owner, Paul Ramwell, wanted to install an air source heat pump, moving away from the old oil boiler that was previously heating the home. Paul wanted to switch to renewable energy for their heating and, as the property was already thermally efficient and has underfloor heating installed, an air source heat pump was the obvious choice. With its A++ ErP rating, superior SCOP efficiency and quiet noise levels, a 16kW Grant Aerona³ heat pump was chosen for this install.

The installing engineer was MCA Renewables, G1 installers who are based in Glasgow. “Having installed Grant heat pumps before, we knew the quality of the product,” writes Terry Doherty from MCA Renewables. “In addition, the back-up support from Grant through their G-CERT Scheme is always extremely good. Consequently, the combination of high quality products and service makes Grant’s offering our preferred choice to work with.”

G-CERT is a scheme that Grant UK launched in 2017, through which Grant can certify renewable installations for MCA accreditation on behalf of the installer. With Grant UK acting as the MCS accredited organisation, they assist the engineer throughout the installation process from heat loss calculations through to commissioning through to completing the necessary notifications. Through G-CERT, the installer and homeowner work closely with Grant UK to deliver a MCS compliant installation eligible for Government incentives, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

This close relationship between the heat pump’s manufacturer, installer and homeowner was viewed very positively by the end-user in this recent installation. “The commissioning process from Grant UK, offered through G-CERT, was thorough and it meant that any issues with the installation were identified and resolved immediately,” writes Paul.

The Aerona³ is available in outputs ranging from 6kW up to 16kW. At Paul’s property, the largest model of heat pump was selected and installed alongside a Grant MonoWave cylinder which is designed to complement the heat pump and improve the system’s overall efficiency. A Grant Mag One magnetic filter was also fitted to the system, filtering debris from the central heating system and providing protection for years to come. In addition, MCA Renewables were able to activate extended guarantees on the heat pump and cylinder delivering additional peace of mind for Paul.

Paul is happy with his new renewable heating system, which was installed and completed in April this year. “The choice of the Grant heat pump and cylinder has been a wise one,” Paul comments. “The quality appears to be very high and my early tracking of electricity consumption suggests that the system will deliver what was promised. The installers, MCA Renewables, have been professional, very competent and responsive at all times. All in all, the service from Grant UK and MCA Renewables has been outstanding and I would highly recommend them!”

Please click here for more details on Grant’s air source heat pump range and G-CERT Scheme.

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