EZ-Fit External Flues (Green System) for outdoor boilers

EZ-Fit External Flues (Green System) for outdoor boilers

The Green Flue System can be installed with external Grant boilers when fitted with the relevant starter connectors and elbows. This allows for the extension of an outdoor module’s flue system to be redirected, either vertically or horizontally, to reduce nuisance pluming.

Features & benefits

  • Possible to create offsets in straight flue runs by using our 45° elbows and extensions
  • Both the horizontal and vertical starter sections, like the other components in the Green Flue System, are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and are both also fully insulated and have ‘O’ ring seals and locking bands to ensure a rigid construction every time.
  • Suitable for Grant Vortex & VortexBlue external boilers up to 70kW
  • Maximum vertical flue length = 8 metres
  • Maximum horizontal flue length = 4 metres
  • Supplied in modular form enabling most installations to be accommodated
  • Starter connections available for external boiler modules
  • Suitable for floor standing and wall hung modules
  • Double skin extensions available in 150mm, 250mm, 450mm or 950mm fixed lengths and a 195-270mm adjustable length


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