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Grant VortexAir Accessories

Grant VortexAir Accessories

To accompany the VortexAir Hybrid, Grant UK also supply a range of heat pump accessories compatible with the oil and air source hybrid. All the Aerona³ accessories are compatible with the hybrid. 

Features & benefits

VortexAir Heat Meter Kit: 

If the householder is wishing to access the Renewable Heat Incentive, the VortexAir Heat Meter Kit will be required. This heat meter is accuracy class 3 Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) compliant 


VortexAir Electricity Meter: 

Just as with the Heat Meter Kit, a VortexAir Electricity Meter is needed in order to access RHI payments. This electricity meter is class A Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) compliant 


Flexi-foot kit: 

The flexi-foot kit comes with two 600mm anti-vibration feet specifically designed for the Aerona³ heat pump. When using these with a Grant VortexAir where both the boiler and heat pump are sited together externally, two kits will be required totaling four feet.


  • VortexAir Heat Meter Kit (Part Code: HPIDHEATMETER)
  • VortexAir Electricity Meter (Part Code: HPIDKW/HMETER)
  • Flexi-foot kit (Part Code: HPIDFOOT/KIT)

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