How can underfloor heating transform a conservatory?

An underfloor heating system can transform a conservatory because it can make this room a suitable space to occupy all year round. Conservatories are often left unoccupied during the colder months because their room temperatures drop below a comfortable level. However, by installing a wet underfloor heating system, a conservatory can be kept warm when the colder weather kicks in thus allowing homeowners to enjoy these types of rooms every month of the year.

The nature of conservatories means that they do not lend themselves well to radiators as wall mounting space is limited for their installation. Furthermore, due to the amount of glass, heat loss from a conservatory is considerable which can mean that traditional radiators are unable to distribute heat sufficiently into the room to meet comfortable temperature levels. An underfloor heating system is therefore a good alternative to radiators for conservatories or garden rooms.

It is important to note that in areas of high heat loss, such as a conservatory, when laying the underfloor heating pipework, the spacing between the pipes may need to be reduced to a minimum of half the standard spacing recommended to achieve the higher heat output. Installers should refer to the Installation Manual for further information regarding the recommended pipe spacing.

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Advantages of using wet underfloor heating in a conservatory

Installing an underfloor heating system in a conservatory can deliver the same advantages as it would in other rooms such as easy installation, improved energy efficiency and clean aesthetics. It is also possible for the underfloor heating system in the conservatory to be separated from other heating zones, thus allowing you to control the heating in the conservatory independently to other rooms. Consequently, the underfloor heating system zone in a conservatory could be operating to higher temperatures compared to other rooms.

Systems such as Uflex MINI low profile underfloor heating system can be retrofitted in an existing conservatory or systems, such as the Uflex underfloor heating system, which are embedded into the floor can be installed in a new conservatory. Furthermore, these underfloor heating systems can suit different floor types such as vinyl and tile floor coverings.

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