Luxury new build farmhouse welcomes Aerona³ heat pump

Luxury new build farmhouse welcomes Aerona³ heat pump
The completed installation of the Aerona³ 17kW heat pump at this property

A four-bedroom farmhouse built on an exclusive development on the border of Wiltshire and Berkshire, has had a Grant renewable heating system installed including an Aerona³ air source heat pump, hot water cylinder and heat emitters. This property completes the development of four sustainably built homes, all of which have Grant heat pumps fulfilling their heating and hot water requirements.

In 2018, the development of four new homes commenced in Ramsbury, a village based on the outskirts of Marlborough. The first properties built were two semi-detached cottages which each had an Aerona³ 6kW air source heat pump installed. The completion of the barn was the third home to be finished where an Aerona³ 10kW heat pump was fitted. The final property onsite to be completed was the farmhouse, the largest of the four homes, where an Aerona³ 17kW model was installed alongside a selection of other heating products all supplied by Grant UK.

The developers, Polgate Ltd, were adamant that all of the homes needed to be sustainably built and able to operate as efficiently as they could so renewable heating systems were the only solution. Managing Director of Polgate Ltd, Howard Porter, explains why air source heat pumps were best suited to this development. “It had to be a renewable source of energy,” writes Howard, “as we have not used oil, gas or solid fuel for over a decade. After working with our independent energy assessor at the design stage, we were easily able to achieve the Planner's requirement of a Code 4 level of efficiency using a high insulation input with the Aerona³, even for such a large home.”

The final property built, the farmhouse, was completed in May 2021. With its exceptional interior finishes, this 3,500 square foot farmhouse has four bedrooms (with the design potential for five bedrooms), including an impressive master suite, three bathrooms plus a spacious downstairs living area comprising of the kitchen, sitting room and study. The heat loss calculation for this large farmhouse, which was carried out by Grant UK’s Design Team, determined that the twin-fan, Aerona³ 17kW R32 heat pump was required to fulfil its heating demand.

The 17kW Aerona³ heat pump has exceptional efficiencies achieving SCOPs of up 4.54 and with an energy rating of A+++. This Grant heat pump also has the Quiet Mark, an award that reflects the unit’s quiet operation and high performances. Efficient operation and discreet design were two important factors for Howard when he was choosing the right products to suit the ethos and aesthetics of this development. “We have used Grant heat pumps before - we are impressed with the units and have developed a good working relationship with the Company,” explains Howard. “One of Grant UK’s G1 installers completed the installation so this heat pump has a seven year guarantee which is another positive feature of the Aerona³.

Grant UK worked closely with Howard to advise on the most suitable heating systems to meet the demands of each of the different properties at this development. Alongside all of the heat pumps, a Grant hot water cylinder has also been installed and, in the case of the farmhouse, the underfloor heating system and radiators have also been supplied by Grant UK.

Working alongside the heat pump is a MonoWave High Performance 300ltr cylinder which has been designed to complement the heat pump’s operation. The selection of suitable heat emitters installed in the property will further assist the heat pump, enabling it to work at its most efficient. Throughout the downstairs of the farmhouse, a Uflex underfloor heating system has been laid with Afinia aluminium radiators fitted in all of the upstairs rooms. Both of these heat emitters are ideally suited to work alongside a low temperature system – the underfloor heating system offers a large surface area to evenly distribute heat into the occupied areas of the downstairs living space whereas the Afinia radiators have excellent thermal conductivity, warming up quickly when demand requires.

“We have experienced no problems with the installation,” concludes Howard. “Initial testing and the unit’s running operation went well and we are impressed by how quiet it is. We are also pleased with the Afinia radiators which look great.”

The installation of a whole house renewable heating system has provided this farmhouse with a reliable, low carbon solution to fulfil its heating requirements. Not only does this property combine stylish aesthetics both on the inside and outdoors, but it also enjoys the green credentials a sustainable heating system from Grant UK delivers.

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Luxury new build farmhouse welcomes Aerona³ heat pump
Howard Porter of Polgate Ltd alongside the newly installed Grant air source heat pump
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