What is a hot water cylinder?

What is a hot water cylinder?

Cylinders effectively store hot water as part of a central heating system and are ideal partners for air source heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

Cylinders are the ideal solution for domestic hot water requirements. Unless the heat source itself is a combination model that does both heating and instantaneous hot water, a separate cylinder will always be required as part of a central heating system. A cylinder comprises of a highly insulated shell designed to reduce heat loss, various inlets for the water supply to enter and exit as well as one or more coils fitted within the cylinder.

The system water which has been heated up by the heat source travels through the cylinder’s coil(s) where the heat is then transferred to the mains water stored within the cylinder. The hot water exits the cylinder at the top ready to fulfil the household’s hot water demand such as running taps or showers.

For heating systems where there are multiple fuel sources, for example when an oil boiler or heat pump is installed alongside solar thermal panels, there are cylinders which incorporate more than one coil. Twin-coil models allow the heat generated from more than one heat source to be transferred and combined within a single cylinder, providing an efficient answer for properties with a large hot water demand.

The Grant QR Cylinders are a universal range of hot water cylinders which combine efficient operation with versatility, making them ideally suited to work alongside both traditional heating systems (such as an oil boiler or gas boiler) and renewable central heating systems (such as an air source heat pump or solar thermal system). 

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What is a hot water cylinder?
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