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Observing a Grant Aerona³ heat pump installation, step by step

Observing a Grant Aerona³ heat pump installation, step by step
The 6kW Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump installed

Grant UK visited the installation of an Aerona³ air source heat pump which has been completed at a small development of luxury new properties in Ramsbury, Wiltshire. Here, we catch up with the developer and installer to share their feedback on Grant’s heat pump offering.

Located in the heart of Wiltshire, Ramsbury village is home to a prestigious new development of four homes which are due for completion later in 2018. The first of the properties, a four bedroom, semi-detached cottage, was completed in December 2017 and this is where the first of four Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps has been installed.

Sustainability has been central to this build, hence why the developers chose renewable energy for the properties’ central heating coupled with high levels of insulation well above Building Regulation Standards. The first cottage, which is approximately 1,300 square foot in size, is now being kept warm by a 6kW Aerona³ inverter driven air source heat pump along with a Grant Monowave 250ltr cylinder, specifically designed to complement the heat pump to increase the system’s overall efficiency. Downstairs, the property has been fitted with underfloor heating while radiators have been installed upstairs.

The site is being developed by Polgate Ltd who are based near Newbury in Berkshire. “I have known and used Grant oil boilers for many years,” writes Howard Porter, Managing Director of Polgate Ltd. “The Grant brand is synonymous with quality, efficiency and reliability so when it came to selecting the right heat pump technology for this particular development, the Aerona³ was our preferred choice.

“The Aerona³ heat pump has not disappointed. I am impressed by two of the unit’s key features – its size and quietness. The physical size of this 6kW model is small due to its compact design, and its incredibly low noise levels are equally notable. This combination makes the unit very unobtrusive, something which was essential for this build because aesthetics were important.”

The Aerona³ heat pump, available in three models (6kW, 10kW and 16kW), incorporates a number of clever features which enable it to be extremely efficient, even when the external temperatures drop to -20°C. MCS approved, these heat pumps not only deliver greener home heating for householders, but they are also user-friendly for engineers to install and maintain. The Grant Aerona³ comes with flexi hoses, valves, controller and built-in circulating pump as standard, factory-fitted components which help installers save time onsite.

The Aerona³ is uncomplicated to install because it incorporates a common S-plan which minimises the number of alterations the installing engineer needs to make to the existing pipework. The simplified electrics, consisting of a 3-core cable for the wiring centre and a 2-core flex for the controller, also make for a straightforward installation. Furthermore, the Aerona³ incorporates an integrated HE pump which saves time and space. By not having to add an external pump, the plumber saves time on the pipework and the electrician saves time because there is no need to wire in an external pump.

Installing the Aerona³ heat pumps at all of the properties on this development is IDS Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd, a G1 Accredited Installer based in Newbury. Ian Skipworth of IDS is a regular installer of Grant Vortex boilers but this was his first time fitting an Aerona³ heat pump. “It took myself and my colleague, George, approximately a day and a half to complete our first Aerona³ installation,” writes Ian. “We found the install straightforward and much quicker than previous heat pump installs.”

Not only did Ian and George efficiently complete the install, they are also able to activate an extended guarantee on the heat pump. IDS Plumbing, as G1 installers, can offer a 5 year guarantee on the Aerona³ heat pumps that they install, something which Howard Porter of Polgate Ltd is impressed by. Howard writes, “The 5 year guarantee provides great peace of mind for the new owners when they move in. All in all, Grant’s Aerona³ is an excellent heating solution.”

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IDS Plumbing installing a Grant MonoWave cylinder
G1 installers IDS Plumbing & Heating fitting the Monowave Cylinder
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