Grant UK unveils new 52 page oil boiler brochure

Grant UK unveils new 52 page oil boiler brochure
The new combined oil boiler brochure from Grant UK

A brand new brochure has been published by Grant UK which combines the Vortex and VortexBlue oil-fired boiler ranges alongside Grant’s energy management systems, together in one useful resource for customers. Consisting of 52 pages, the new Oil Boiler Range brochure is more comprehensive than ever before with a fresh look and clearer layout.

Sixty-three models make up the Vortex and VortexBlue oil boiler ranges which were previously listed in two separate brochures, one for each range. With so many installers fitting both ranges, the decision was made to combine the previous two brochures into one resource for all customers, including installers and merchants through to end-users. The result is a new bumper issue brochure which includes the addition of Grant’s energy management systems as well.

The new brochure is split into sections for both the Vortex and VortexBlue ranges, the boiler Technical Specifications, and the Energy Management System range. All the sub-ranges of boilers have their own separate page listings which include an introduction, the key product features and the individual models and outputs available. The boiler technical specifications are all included in a separate part of the brochure where the data tables, dimensions and boiler drawings can be found. This structure was chosen so that homeowners and heating engineers can turn to the specific sections and product information most relevant to them.

In addition to revealing their brand new oil boiler brochure, Grant UK is excited to reveal that it is being sustainably produced as well. Marking the beginning of a move to make all their brochure print environmentally friendly, Grant UK’s new oil boiler brochure is 100% recyclable. It is being printed on 100% recycled, uncoated paper using a plant-based ink which will enable the brochure to be placed into the recycling bin once it is no longer required.

“We are incredibly pleased to share this new Oil Boiler Range brochure,” writes Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing and Data Protection at Grant UK. “Not only has the styling and content been updated, but how this brochure is being printed and produced is also new. As a Company, we have implemented a number of measures to make our operations more sustainable, from onsite recycling through to product packaging, and the type of printing materials we use for our literature is the next step we are taking to be more environmentally friendly throughout the business.”

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