Grant UK share handy new Q&A videos about underfloor heating

A mini series of Q&A videos about underfloor heating is available via Grant UK's YouTube channel

Followers of Grant UK on social media will have noticed that the Company has recently shared a mini-series of short videos about their underfloor heating range. Each video is presented by members of their in-house Design and Specification Team who answer some key questions about the Uflex, Uflex MINI and Overlay Board UFH systems available from Grant UK.

Over the past couple of weeks, Grant UK has shared some new, short videos which focus on their underfloor heating offering. The videos are presented by Chloe Richards and Nick Cottle, two of Grant UK’s Specification Technical Advisors, who answer questions about each of Grant UK’s underfloor heating systems. The mini-series comprises of seven videos and these are now available to watch as Shorts via Grant UK’s YouTube Channel.

The Q&A content covered in these handy videos relates to Grant UK’s Uflex, Uflex MINI and Overlay Board underfloor heating systems, with each video focusing on a particular feature or question about one of these systems. Over the course of the mini-series, Chloe and Nick explain the core features of each system, provide insight into how the systems are installed, and explore which systems are best suited to particular installation scenarios.

“We hope that these short Q&A videos help customers learn a bit more about each of the underfloor heating systems that we specify, design and supply here at Grant UK,” comments Stuart McWhinnie, Technical Design Manager at Grant UK. “We are proud of our extensive UFH range, from traditional screeded solutions, low profile systems and dry installation options as well as a broad range of accessories, manifolds, pipe and controls. We also have a dedicated Design and Specification Team, including both Chloe and Nick, who are on hand to assist with all the stages of designing and planning an underfloor heating system, delivering tailored support from start to finish with our customers’ projects.”

To watch these latest videos from Grant UK, please visit and subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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