Grant Uflex & Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System now available

Grant Uflex & Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System now available

Grant UK is pleased to announce the addition of its Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System which has joined their underfloor heating range. The Overlay System can be laid on most types of new or existing floor surfaces making it an ideal retrofit underfloor heating system solution and an alternative to screeded systems.

Grant’s Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System features lightweight, high-density polystyrene boards which are available in 16mm and 20mm thickness respectively. Each board is available either non-foiled, designed for use with tiles when an adhesive is used, and foiled, designed for use with surfaces such as wood laminate. The foiled boards have a bonded layer of reflective 75micron aluminium foil on the upper surface which enhances the rapid transmission of heat across the floor and offers an alternative to using separate heat emission plates.

The Uflex MINI overlay system uses 16mm thick boards that are suitable for 10mm pipe at 100mm centres. 20mm thick boards suitable for 16mm pipe at either 150mm and 200mm centres are designed for the Uflex system. All the boards are supplied in packs of ten.

The Grant Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System offers a range of installation advantages. The overall installation time is quicker because there is no need to wait several weeks for a wet screed to dry. There is minimal disruption to existing floors because in most instances, the system can be fitted directly on top of the floor surface, and the low profile of the boards means there is minimal increase to the height of existing flooring. All of the boards have a reinforced cementitious layer which makes them strong and impact resistant and each board can be easily cut to suit the dimensions of a room and the layout of the pipework. The boards also incorporate pre-formed grooves for the pipework, making laying the pipework straightforward and accurate.

“Since we first launched our Uflex underfloor heating range, we have strived to adapt the range to suit the different installation scenarios that our installer customers are regularly faced with,” comments Paul Wakefield, Managing Director of Grant UK. “The addition of the Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System will give customers greater choice when it comes to installing an underfloor heating system, especially with retrofit projects. Installers can now opt to fit Grant’s underfloor heating systems as a dry, non-screeded system which for certain types of projects, will be a beneficial alternative to traditional screeded systems.”

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