Grant UK launches EvoLink Hybrid System Hub

Grant UK launches EvoLink Hybrid System Hub

An innovative new addition to Grant UK’s hybrid heating range is now available with the launch of the EvoLink Hybrid System Hub. This wall-mounted, compact unit cleverly allows an Aerona³ heat pump to be combined with an existing fossil fuel heat source, providing hard to heat homes with the opportunity to reduce their carbon emissions when a standalone heat pump may not be possible.

The EvoLink Hybrid System Hub is designed to help homes reduce their dependency on their traditional fossil fuel boiler. With a maximum output to the heating system of 32kW, the EvoLink is suitable for installation with kerosene and HVO boilers, gas boilers, LPG boilers, electric boilers and modulating biomass boilers (with space heating outputs of up to 36kW). The EvoLink can enable an Aerona³ air source heat pump to be connected to most existing domestic heating systems. For properties where an air source heat pump alone cannot meet the entire heat demand, the EvoLink can provide these homeowners with a solution that facilitates the introduction of renewable energy into their heating system while keeping their existing boiler to top up any heat demand when required.

Designed for installation indoors, the EvoLink is a white cased, compact wall-mounted unit which houses the hydraulics and sensors required to combine a new Aerona³ air source heat pump to an existing heating system. Featuring a simple control interface, the EvoLink is user-friendly for consumers while also incorporating sophisticated technology that is designed to manage the two heat sources, maximising the heat pump’s use and using the original boiler as a supplementary heater. With ‘comfort’ and ‘green’ operating modes, the EvoLink allows the end-user to select the mode that best meets their own personal preferences.

“Hybrid heating technologies are an important part of our industry’s transition to low carbon heating,” comments Paul Wakefield, Managing Director at Grant UK. “Just as different types of heating systems have kept our homes warm for the last fifty years, a variety of solutions will be needed to heat homes in the future, helping all types of properties to reduce their carbon emissions. This is why we have expanded our Hybrid range with the launch of the EvoLink, an exciting product that will help those hard to heat homes start their transition away from fossil fuels. By introducing a heat pump alongside the back-up of their existing boiler, the EvoLink helps households to immediately reduce their carbon emissions while also giving them time to reduce their heat loss in the years to come, which in turn will enable their heat pump to fulfil more of their heating demand and further reduce their dependency on fossil fuels.”

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