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Grant Spira biomass boiler cuts fuel bills

Grant Spira biomass boiler cuts fuel bills

A homeowner in Norfolk has noticed an immediate drop in fuel costs following the installation of a 26kW Grant Spira Wood Pellet Boiler by MCS Approved Green Home Energy Solutions.

The Spira Wood Pellet biomass Boiler, which replaces an eighteen year old oil fired boiler, will provide heating and hot water for the property via a series of radiators and the existing hot water cylinder. At the three bedroom, semi detached cottage in South Walsham a small extension was constructed on the site of the oil tank to house the Wood Pellet Boiler and act as a fuel store. As the existing oil fired boiler had been situated in the kitchen this had the added benefit of creating more space inside the cottage.

As a domestic installation, Wood Pellet Boilers can be eligible for a ‘RHI Premium Payment’ of £950 under the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) to help cover the purchase price. From October 2012 RHI tariffs (currently available for non-domestic installations) will also become available for domestic properties providing they meet the eligibility criteria. This timing coincides with the introduction of the Green Deal which is a new Government initiative designed to encourage businesses and homeowners to utilise more green technologies. Through the scheme, green technologies can be installed with no upfront expenditure and the costs are paid back through energy bills over a period of time.

Commenting on the installation of the Grant Spira Wood Pellet Boiler the cottage owner said: “I am extremely pleased with the Wood Pellet Boiler as it is easy to monitor the amount of fuel being used. I am currently using one bag of pellets per week to heat hot water and am already noticing considerable savings when compared to the original oil fired system.”

When asked about the specification of Grant Spira Wood Pellet Boilers, Kerry Durrant, Managing Director of Green Home Energy Solutions went on to add: “As Grant UK have a proven background in Oil Fired Boilers we were confident that their Wood Pellet Boilers would perform to the same high standard. They are UK based, have competitively priced products and offer excellent levels of technical and customer support.”

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