Grant oil boilers comply with low NOx legislation

Grant oil boilers comply with low NOx legislation
Grant's oil boilers are low NOx ready.

Space heaters, including oil-fired boilers, need to comply with the low NOx legislation which came into effect in September 2018.

On 26th September 2018, the next phase of the EU’s Energy-related Products Directive will came into effect. This legislation sets maximum nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission levels that space heaters will must meet, reducing the overall NOx emissions produced from heating. For oil-fired boilers, the NOx emissions target is a maximum of 120mg/kWh so all oil boilers placed on the market by the manufacturer on or after 26th September need to be compliant.

One of the overarching objectives of the new legislation is to help improve the air quality by reducing pollution. In response to both Government regulations and a growing demand from homeowners, manufacturers have continuously explored ways to make their products more efficient and sustainable. The good news is that advances with burner technology coupled to Grant’s efficient boiler designs have enabled all of our Vortex Pro and Eco boiler ranges to achieve these new targets with virtually no visible change to the existing line up.

Grant’s VortexBlue (Blue Flame) range had already far exceeded these lower NOx emission targets from their launch in 2016 and are steadily increasing in popularity. To reflect our confidence in this range, comprehensive guarantees of up to 10 years are available on VortexBlue boilers through our G1 installer network and, for installers new to this scheme, it is easy to register and gain these benefits. (Subject to T&C’s).

The Grant Vortex low NOx models include utility, external, boiler house, combi and wall hung boilers all of which incorporate this new low NOx technology. The majority of components within the burners like fuel pumps, motors and control boxes remain the same as before, thus delivering continuity and familiarity for installers and engineers. In addition, there will be no changes to the product codes or Retail Prices which will further help deliver a seamless transition over to low NOx models.

To help meet rising demand for its products and ensure prompt service to customers, Grant UK has also enhanced its storage capacity in Devizes. This includes the recent development of an extensive new warehouse which has tripled the onsite storage capacity. To coincide with this, the Grant Spares operation has also had a re-fit allowing for greater stock holding and making these items more accessible to engineers up and down the country.

With over forty years of pioneering R&D behind each of its products, the Grant brand has established itself a reputation for innovation, efficiency and reliability. Consequently, Grant oil boilers, such as the Vortex Pro Utility 15/26kW and VortexBlue Combi 26kW, both Which? Best Buys in 2017, are the favoured choice for many installers and homeowners. This latest product development once again demonstrates how Grant boilers meet the needs of the evolving market place well in advance of new legislation and changes.

Why Grant? Because today’s Vortex and VortexBlue boilers meet the heating needs of tomorrow.

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