Grant UK unveils new product line

Grant UK unveils new product line
The Solo fan convector range is a new product line available from Grant UK.

This Autumn, Grant will be adding hydronic fan convectors to their growing product portfolio, further increasing the range of heating solutions the brand can offer to consumers.

Launching on 1st September 2018, the Grant Solo fan convector range consists of three models. The wall-mounted Solo Compact and Solo CompactMAX and the space saving plinth heater, the Solo Hideaway. Solo Compact fan convectors are highly efficient, producing more output per unit area compared to conventional radiators. The units are also ideally suited to complement low temperature systems including heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona³.

Incorporating intelligent technology, Solo fan convectors deliver faster rates of convection compared to conventional radiators. Delivering the precise amount of heat when and where it is needed and requiring no warm-up time, Solo fan convectors will operate for shorter periods of time. Consequently, they also consume low amounts of energy.

While the Solo fan convectors are designed to emit heat quickly, their surface temperature never reaches dangerous levels regardless of the water temperature which makes these units safer, especially for children and the elderly. The range also gives homeowners precise control when setting the temperature. Solo fan convectors do not need wall thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves as each unit regulates its own heat output, allowing for easy room by room temperature control. Homeowners can simply adjust the temperature setting on each unit as required to maintain optimum temperatures throughout their home, under all conditions.

In addition to its effective heating performance, the Solo fan convector range has been developed with style and aesthetics in mind. Each Solo model is comparatively small in size for its output with an extremely slim profile which is ideal for situations when space is at a premium. These fan convectors have a modern, stylish but unobtrusive external appearance which enables them to discretely compliment a wide range of decors. The range is also incredibly quiet in operation so the models seamlessly fit into a room’s surroundings in more ways than one.

Furthermore, the Solo Hideaway model is a plinth version whereby the fan convector can be located out of sight. Ideal for kitchen and bedroom spaces, the Hideaway unit can be positioned under workspace units and does not require any wall space. Consequently, this Solo model can be installed without disrupting a room’s existing layout thus enabling homeowners to continue to enjoy maximum living space within their property.

Not only are the Solo Compact, CompactMAX and Hideaway models user friendly for homeowners, they are also easy to work with making them installer friendly as well. With only two sizes available and with each fan convector automatically adjusting its capacity as required, selecting the correct unit is simple. All of the Solo fan convectors are significantly lighter than a conventional radiator for the same output enabling their installation to be completed single handedly. In addition, Solo fan convectors only require installation on a single flow and return pipe system which allows zoning eliminating the need for zone valves and piping complexity saving further time when installing the units.

Solo fan convectors cleverly combine efficient operation with discreet design. Each model is straightforward to install and operate, with their built-in controls providing homeowners with the ability to set their optimal comfort conditions while minimising energy consumption. The Solo range has also been designed to partner effectively with air source heat pumps including the Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump.

Available with a 5 year guarantee, the Solo fan convector range from Grant UK offers the market yet another green thinking solution for domestic home heating.

To read more about the Solo Fan Convector range from Grant UK, please click here

Grant UK unveils new product line
The Solo Hideaway model is a plinth version whereby the fan convector can be located out of sight.

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