Danny Kruger MP visits Grant UK’s Head Office

Danny Kruger MP visits Grant UK’s Head Office
Left to right: Anna Wakefield, Danny Kruger MP, Paul Wakefield and Neil Sawers

Following the publication of the Heat and Buildings Strategy released by the Government in October, Danny Kruger, the local MP for the Devizes constituency, visited Grant UK’s Head Office to learn more about the Company and the challenges that lie ahead as the country works towards achieving Net Zero.

At the beginning of November, Grant UK welcomed the local Member of Parliament for the Devizes constituency to the Company’s Head Office. Danny Kruger MP met with Paul Wakefield (Managing Director at Grant UK), Neil Sawers (Commercial Technical Manager at Grant UK) and Anna Wakefield (Head of Marketing at Grant UK) to discover more about the Devizes based business and gauge thoughts on the recently published Heat and Buildings Strategy. During his visit, Danny was also able to learn about air source heat pumps as well as other low carbon heating solutions, including biofuels such as HVO and hybrid technology.

Danny Kruger MP writes, “I was delighted to meet the team at Grant UK and hear about the great work they are doing to keep us all warm over the coming years as we transition away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner technologies such as heat pumps and HVO. I look forward to being able to support them as we all move towards a greener future.”

“We were very pleased to welcome Danny Kruger MP to our Head Office earlier this month,” comments Paul Wakefield. “Devizes has been the home of Grant UK for nearly two decades and over the years, we have regularly met with our local Members of Parliament to discuss what we are doing and the need to make home heating as sustainable as possible. Heat pumps will provide thousands of homes with the answer they need for low carbon heating but hard to heat homes may require different solutions to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and it was good to discuss these alternative low carbon heating systems with Danny.

Biofuels, for example, could be a more cost-effective answer to help customers in rural hard to heat homes that are in a distress purchase situation when their existing oil boiler breaks down. Meanwhile, hybrid technologies can also be a steppingstone, helping homeowners transition to greener heating sooner, while they make energy efficiency upgrades to their home, working towards a point whereby they no longer require the fossil fuel. A hybrid comprising of a heat pump and biofuel converted oil boiler could help a home reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 88% compared to a traditional fossil fuel boiler and therefore we believe that both biofuels and hybrids should be included in the Government’s low carbon heating strategy alongside heat pumps.”

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