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Caerphilly Council go green with Aerona³ heat pumps

Caerphilly Council go green with Aerona³ heat pumps
Credit: Heatforce
Two of the new Grant Aerona³ heat pumps installed for Caerphilly Council

Four Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps have been installed at Caerphilly Council Tir Y Berth Depot, providing renewable heating to a number of offices. The installation of Grant heat pumps was part of a wider redevelopment programme which has transformed the space to maximise its potential while also reducing carbon emissions.

This project involved three building units which have been refurbished. The first of the properties was an existing office block which was previously heated by an LPG gas fired central heating system. The other two buildings, which have been transformed into new office spaces, were previously storage units with no heating system. All the units required the installation of new heating systems which the Council stipulated had to be renewable, with air source heat pumps selected as the most suitable solution.

The installation of the new heat pump heating systems was carried out by Heatforce (Wales) Ltd, a G1 Installer based in Cardiff. Paul Maddocks, CEO of Heatforce, explains what products were installed to fulfil the requirements of this commercial space. “In the B9 unit,” writes Paul, “we installed two Aerona³ 17kW air source heat pumps complete with thirty-one radiators. We also renewed all the pipework and removed the existing LPG heating system. In the other two units, B10 and B11, we fitted another pair of Grant heat pumps, this time 13kW models, as well as twenty-six radiators complete with new pipework and new plumbing throughout.”

This project showcases how air source heat pumps are helping commercial environments swap from fossil fuel heating systems to greener, more sustainable alternatives. The combined refurbished office space totals 145m² and Grant’s larger heat pump models are efficiently meeting the heating demand of all the buildings. Both the 13kW and 17kW Aerona³ air source heat pumps, which both have the Quiet Mark, are twin fan units and boast excellent SCOP efficiencies. Both models are also compact in size with a small footprint and have been designed for straightforward installation, easy operation and simple maintenance.

“Our Client not only wanted air source heat pumps to keep these refurbished buildings warm but they also wanted to upgrade the buildings themselves so that their energy efficiencies were significantly improved,” concludes Paul. “The installation of the Grant heat pumps fulfilled the Client’s brief and they are very happy with their new heating systems. In particular, they are very pleased that they chose a renewable heating system, one that will sustainably meet the heating and hot water demand of the offices while also helping them to minimise their impact on the wider environment.”

Please follow the link here to read more about the Aerona³ heat pump range.

Caerphilly Council go green with Aerona³ heat pumps
Credit: Heatforce
The offices are now being kept warm with sustainable, renewable heating systems

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