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Aerona³ heat pump meets heating needs for new build family home in Carmarthenshire

Grant Aerona 17kW air source heat pump fitted outside a home
The Grant Aerona³ 16kW air source heat pump installed into place.

A detached new build house in Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, has incorporated a Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump and Monowave cylinder to deliver its heating effectively and sustainably.

The successful combination of Grant’s heat pump and cylinder technologies was installed this summer to meet the heating needs of the four bedroom detached property. The installation was completed by Sharp Plumbing and Heating who are G-One Accredited Installers based in Carmarthen. Arwel Sharp, the installing engineer, explains the reasoning behind this product selection choice.

“The property is a new build which had to meet specific insulation levels required by building regulations. With underfloor heating throughout the build, we used our design software to complete the heat loss calculation and we could see that the Grant Aerona³ 16kW heat pump was ideal for the application at hand.”

The popularity of renewable technologies amongst the new build sector is increasing with developers and homeowners becoming more environmentally aware. During 2017, Arwel has witnessed first-hand this trend towards cleaner energy. “Sharp Plumbing and Heating has fitted six heat pumps this year alone,” Arwel writes. “We have found that they are becoming more and more popular in rural areas. This, we believe, is due to the fact that it is a clean source of heating, easy to use, and eradicates the need for an oil tank which can be difficult to locate when a local area’s aesthetics have to be considered alongside building regulation compliance.”

The Aerona³ air source heat pump range is Grant’s third generation of heat pumps, incorporating inverter driven technology ensuring the units work with greater operating efficiencies at lower external temperatures. Three models are available in the range with outputs of 6kW, 10kW and 16kW. With this installation, the larger output was selected to be installed alongside a 400 litre Monowave cylinder and Domestic Hot Water Boost Kit.

“We have worked with Grant heat pumps for over five years and we feel that the Aerona³ is the best model on the market,” Arwel continues. “In comparison to the previous generation of Grant heat pumps, the ASHE and original Aerona models, we feel the development in technology with the Aerona³ is amazing. The power to size ratio of the Aerona³ is probably the first thing you notice – when considering the difference in physical size between the previous ASHE 21.5kW and the current Aerona³ 16kW models, Grant’s latest air source heat pump offering is a very attractive option.”

All three models in the Aerona³ range are compact in size and achieve superior SCOP even when the external temperatures drop. Their innovative design has helped to make the Aerona³ an attractive and cost-effective renewable alternative to traditional off-gas heating methods. “The performance of the Aerona³ is also impressive with flow temperatures of 50°C being easily produced which makes for good hot water heating,” adds Arwel.

To complement their air source heat pumps, Grant also has a range of cylinders which incorporate a larger primary coil for quicker heat transference. For this installation, the largest model within Grant’s MonoWave Heat Pump Cylinder range was fitted, an unvented indirect single coil Duplex stainless steel cylinder. This combination of a Grant heat pump and cylinder enables both products to work together effectively.

Alongside the cylinder, a Domestic Hot Water Boost Kit has also been installed. This kit automatically switches on the cylinder’s immersion element when the heat pump has raised the cylinder contents to about 45°C, taking the water up to the desired water temperature, set by the immersion thermostat. Furthermore, the kit also has an additional feature of automatic bacteria protection allowing for the sanitisation of the cylinder contents which is a requirement of SAP.

Arwel explains that the end-user is very pleased with their new renewable heating system. “As with all customers who have a new system installed, air to water not being an exception, there is a short adjustment period of getting used to the system set-up and operating the controls,” writes Arwel. “However, once the system becomes familiar then the feedback we get from customers is great. The main feedback we receive, and it has definitely been the case with this install in Pontyberem, is that the heat pump system is easy to use due to it being set up in such a way that it regulates itself.”

The design of the Aerona³ allows the unit to modulate down or up in response to the climate conditions and the demand on the heating system. This gives the end-user the peace of mind that their heat pump is working as efficiently as possible throughout the year. It is a feature that Arwel feels is of great benefit for homeowners. “The property does not get too cold or too warm as human interference and error is removed from the equation,” comments Arwel.

Air source heat pump technology is constantly evolving, making it an increasingly attractive option for off-gas homes. “I am optimistic when it comes to new technology”, writes Arwel. “As a Company, Sharp Plumbing and Heating strive to promote new innovative ideas and systems. Air to water heat pumps are not always the right solution for all applications but it is definitely worth considering, as installing this renewable technology can be both financially and morally rewarding. From an installer’s perspective, we choose Grant’s products for many reasons but, principally, it is due to their quality as this is something that complements our Company’s own ethos to deliver high standards of service and workmanship.”

For more details, please visit the Grant Aerona³ air source heat pump product range pages.

Aerona³ heat pump meets heating needs for new build family home in Carmarthenshire
A neat install indeed!
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