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Our Environment

We are committed to operating in a sustainable way, taking care of the environment for future generations. This commitment is demonstrated through our ISO 14001 quality standard. Through advertising campaigns, we also actively raise awareness of climate change and Net Zero with our customers and provide initiatives to support with the transition to more sustainable heating technologies.

Company Vision

Grant UK’s vision is a sustainably heated home for every family in Great Britain. Let’s achieve Net Zero together as a nation for our future generations.

Quality, Sustainability & Environmental Policies

We are responsible for operating in a sustainable way and ensuring exemplary environmental practices that reinforce our green product portfolio. We are committed to lessening our environmental impact as a core part of our business strategy. Read our policies here.

Grant UK Quality Policy - February 2022

Grant UK Sustainability Policy - February 2022

Grant UK Environmental Policy - February 2022

Green Thinking Initiatives

In addition to encouraging employees to recycle whenever possible, a key part of our ongoing endeavour to operate as sustainably as possible is a move to make all our printed literature environmentally friendly.

In December 2020, Grant UK started its transition to more sustainable printing with the publication of two core product brochures which were 100% recyclable. Today, all of Grant UK’s brochures use paper which is FSC Certified and uncoated, and the ink used throughout is plant-based so the brochures can be used and then placed in the recycling bin afterwards.

These brochures marked the first step for Grant UK in making the printing of all its company literature recyclable and we are in the process of printing the technical manuals for all our products on 100% recyclable paper too. Moving forward, Grant UK is looking at ways to reduce overall print demand, encouraging the uptake of digital document sharing wherever possible.

Company Fleet

With many members of the Grant team working out on the road, we have decided to transition the majority of our company car fleet to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. We now have ten fully electric cars which are helping Grant UK to reduce CO2 emissions and impact on the environment.

Biodiversity at our HQ

In the Spring 2023, we started the development of a biodiversity area at our Headquarters in Swindon. We have planted over 4,000 bulbs including daffodils, lavender and rhododendrons, as well as installing a number of wildlife-friendly features including a bug hotel and compost bins. This focus on biodiversity has not only made our site a more wildlife-friendly place but it has also created enjoyable, beautiful outdoor spaces for our employees.

Read more about our biodiversity area here...

Supporting our customers with being more sustainable

Becoming more sustainable is a long-standing commitment that individuals, businesses and countries need to make – it is not something that can be achieved overnight but instead requires collective changes in behaviour. This is why Grant UK strives to support all customers as they take their own steps to transition to different, greener choices. From providing efficient, low carbon heating products for consumers through to delivering the support services that heating trade professionals need in order to work with renewable products, we are continuously expanding the resources we provide to customers.

Our Knowledge Hub provides homeowners with a selection of resources to assist their research and to help them make informed decisions about the best solutions for their homes. Meanwhile, the Grant Training Academy and eLearning Academy deliver courses which help heating engineers and other professionals to build their knowledge and confidence with working on renewable heating systems, enabling their businesses to adapt in this Net Zero era.

Education is at the centre of change so training industry professionals and providing the tools they and their end-users need to develop their understanding of new technologies is at the heart of everything we do.


To help customers relate to our products and services, we have developed core campaigns which are designed to engage with customers, encouraging them to make changes towards a greener future.

Following the launch of our Company Manifesto, Grant UK unveiled its ‘With you on the Journey’ campaign which continues to prevail our messages today. The aim of this campaign is to bring all customers on the journey towards Net Zero, whether they are homeowners looking to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels or heating engineers who have yet to add renewable products to their business offering. The emphasis of the campaign is the notion of a journey and wherever our customers are on this journey, Grant UK is here to support them.

The ‘Rise to the Challenge’ campaign supports the ‘With you on the Journey’ messaging. It is an aspirational campaign that aims to excite consumers with rising to the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint and making more sustainable choices with their home heating. Grant UK hopes to further develop this ‘Rise to the Challenge’ campaign later in 2022 with some engaging digital and social content.

Who we work with

We use a range of suppliers whose ethos is aligned with our own – to deliver high quality products and an excellent standard of service. We work with market leaders in their field and, wherever possible, we strive to support UK based businesses. With our suppliers who are based overseas, each operates their own efficient business practices to minimise the impact on their local environments, and we schedule bulk deliveries to help reduce the carbon footprint of transporting goods.

All of our suppliers must meet strict criteria demonstrating their own commitment to operating ethically and sustainably. We are also working closely with new and existing suppliers to make our supply chain greener, for example, by making changes to reduce product packaging and to make the packaging materials used recyclable and more environmentally friendly.


Our popular Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range was awarded 'Heat Pump Product of the Year' at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards 2022, an award which recognises innovation and efficiency. The Aerona³ was also shortlisted for 'Best Heat Pump' in the 2021 Homebuilding & Renovating Green Home Awards. The judges reviewed all entries on green criteria such as performance and efficiency, environmental accreditations and sustainable production methods.

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