Solo Fan convectors

5 Year guarantee*

Solo Fan convectors

The Grant Solo fan convector range includes the wall-mounted Solo Compact and Solo CompactMAX and the space saving plinth heater, the Solo Hideaway. Each unit is highly efficient and ideally suited to complement low temperature systems including heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona³.

The Solo fan convectors cleverly combine efficient operation with discreet design. Delivering faster rates of convection compared to conventional radiators, the Solo models emit heat quickly while also giving homeowners precise control when setting the temperature. The units are also incredibly safe because their surface temperature never reaches dangerous levels, regardless of the water temperature.

Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee
  • Solo fan convectors do not need wall thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves as each unit regulates its own heat output. This not only allows for easy room by room temperature control and prevents unnecessary heat emission but it also makes for a straightforward installation as there is no need for engineers to fit TRVs.
  • Flexible zone control for optimal thermal comfort.
  • Maintains low surface temperature regardless of water temperature making them a safe option with children.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small and slim in size so ideal when space is at a premium
  • Modern, stylish design. The Solo’s unobtrusive design and very quiet operation allows each model to seamlessly fit into a room’s surrounding in more ways than one.
  • Partners effectively with renewable technologies such as heat pumps
  • The Solo Hideaway model is a plinth version whereby the fan convector can be located out of sight, positioned under workspace units and not requiring any wall space.
Simple integration

Simple integration

The Solo range is ideal for use with heat pumps as the fan convectors can operate at low water temperatures. One of the primary design objectives was for the Solo fan convectors to partner effectively with this renewable technology. The fan convectors enable a constant flow to be sustained through the system which greatly assists the correct operation of heat pumps. When installing a Grant Aerona³ inverter driven air source heat pump, householders and installers alike should also consider the Solo fan convector range because the two technologies are designed to work together to deliver improved efficiencies throughout the entire heating system.


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