EZ-Fit Internal Low Level Balanced Flues (Yellow System)

EZ-Fit Internal Low Level Balanced Flues (Yellow System)

The Grant low level balanced flue range has been developed to make the installation of Grant Vortex boilers both quick and simple, whilst ensuring trouble free operation even in the most exposed site conditions.


Features & benefits

  • The flue kits are telescopic and available in short or standard options
  • The round low level kits feature self-sealing ducts requiring no silicone or tape for joints, and the unique quick-fit clamp arrangement ensures a perfect seal every time
  • The kits are compatible with all Grant internal and boiler house models
  • The flue terminal has a compact design, making it ideal for installations where the visual appearance is important
  • The cone design reduces the possibility of condensate, produced in the combustion process, staining external wall surfaces or patio slabs
  • For wall thicknesses greater than shown, three extensions are available which extend the flue by 225mm, 450mm or 675mm. 90º and 45º elbows are also available to give a greater degree of flexibility when siting the boiler
  • Terminal guard included
  • Grant has developed Plume diverter kits as a solution for existing low-level flues where pluming causes a nuisance

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