EZ-Fit Internal Vertical Balanced Flues (White System)

EZ-Fit Internal Vertical Balanced Flues (White System)

Vertical balanced flue kits share the same boiler connections as our high level kits and low level flues. The unique connection system on the vertical balanced flue ensures easy assembly thereby reducing installation costs. 


Features & benefits

  • As with our high level kits it is now possible to create off sets in straight flue runs by using our 45° elbows and adjustable extension kits – increasing the versatility of this range
  • Maximum total flue length = 12 metres (deduct 1 metre for each additional 45° elbow used)
  • Supplied as a complete kit
  • Unique connection system ensures easy assembly
  • 150mm flue pipe diameter for boilers up to 26kW
  • 180mm flue diameter for boilers from 26-70kW
  • Extensions available in 225mm, 450mm or 950mm fixed lengths and a 275-450mm adjustable length
  • Optional 1 metre extended flue terminal (VTTEXT90 / VTTEXT200). Useful, if for instance, there is a roof window or opening too close to the terminal
  • Pitched or flat roof flashings in aluminium or lead available

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