Will I save money switching from my current boiler to a heat pump?

It is possible to save money on all fuel types simply by improving the thermal insulation of the property, reducing the room temperature by 0.5°C or 1°C and by shopping around for a better energy deal.

Heat pumps with lower efficiencies will understandably cost more to run than high efficiency models so choosing an Aerona³ will certainly help keep costs down. Electric bills will probably be higher during the winter months than any other time and maintaining a constant temperature in the house will mean that the heat pump is only topping up the heat that is required instead of having to do a lot of work when you let the house cool during the night or at times when you are at work.

Provided below is an example of the running costs of a family home which previously had a gas central heating system before undergoing an extension and swapping to a renewable heating system with an Aerona³ 13kW heat pump:

  • Before the extension project (three-bedroom home) using a gas boiler, the family’s average gas and electric bill was £180 per month
  • After the extension project (four-bedroom home) using a heat pump, their average electricity bill was £170 per month (with no gas bills to consider anymore)

Read more about Grant heat pumps here. 

(Data correct November 2021)

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