What is a condensing oil boiler and why is it more efficient?

Condensing boilers are designed to capture heat normally lost through the flue system during the combustion process. Using a second heat exchanger, the flue gases are cooled to below their dew point by the water returning from the heating system and this has the effect of condensing the water vapour present in the flue gases and releasing the heat energy that would otherwise be lost.

Grant condensing oil boilers have a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger which incorporates a unique turbulator baffle system which cools the gases to a point where the latent heat, normally lost to the atmosphere through the flue, can be usefully extracted. The additional energy recovered enables the boiler to operate continuously at much higher efficiency levels, resulting in lower heating and hot water running costs.

The principal benefits of condensing boilers are their improved efficiencies and performance. While older oil-fired boilers operate with energy efficiency levels as low as 65%, modern boilers operate with much higher efficiency. Not only can switching to a new condensing boiler significantly lower fuel bills but it can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lessening the environmental impact of domestic hot water and heating systems.

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