Which boiler is best for my home?

Choosing the best oil boiler to meet your heating and hot water requirements is an important decision. Not only do you want to choose a reliable, efficient appliance, you also need the product to fit into your home whether that be in the kitchen, a utility room, outside or in a garage.

Grant’s oil boilers incorporate several design features which enable each model to work incredibly efficiently. Each boiler features award-winning technology has been recognised throughout the industry and is one of the reasons why Grant boilers are so popular with
engineers and householders alike.

The quality of the components within Grant’s Vortex and VortexBlue models is never compromised either. Within each boiler is the latest burner technology, burners which have
undergone significant advances in design in recent years. By combining market leading technologies which are tried and trusted, Grant’s oil boilers are able to deliver home heating
effectively and reliably for many years. 

Use our product selector tool to help you find the right product for your home. 

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