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Out with the old and in with a new Grant Vortex

Out with the old and in with a new Grant Vortex
The VTXBH36/46 installed at the Tower of Glenstrae

A three storey property in Argyll has recently upgraded its heating system with a Grant Vortex oil-fired boiler which is working alongside a Grant energy management control system, providing warmth throughout the building.

Vortex oil-fired boilers are renowned for their efficiency, but the effect of energy management controls can sometimes be overlooked. Heating controls can improve the performance of a system by regulating its heat output which can lead to a reduction in the amount of fuel used and less CO2 emissions.

The Tower of Glenstrae consists of three floors and was previously heated by a rather old, tired and expensive oil-fired heating system. Wishing to make their property more comfortable and to improve running costs, the homeowner turned to AAC Renewables and Plumbing Ltd for advice about installing a new, more efficient oil-fired system. AAC Renewables and Plumbing Ltd, who are based in Oban, are OFTEC registered and a member of Grant UK’s accredited G-One installer scheme.

It was decided that a Vortex Pro Boiler House 36/46kW boiler would be installed along with energy management controls to efficiently meet the heating demands of each floor within the property.  Boiler House models are ideal for fitting into areas that are difficult to access, such as a cellar, where a white cased utility unit is not always the most suitable option.

The blue cased boiler has an externally mounted Riello RDB burner and thermostat. Available in outputs ranging from 26kW up to 70kW, these appliances have the high seasonal efficiencies that are synonymous with the Grant Vortex boiler range, helping to reduce fuel consumption for the homeowner.

To further increase the high performance of the boiler installed at the Tower of Glenstrae, AAC Renewables and Plumbing Ltd also fitted a GEO360 weather compensator. If a heating system is fitted without weather compensation, the thermostat can only tell the boiler to turn on when it is too cold or turn off when it is too hot. Furthermore, the boiler will heat the water to the system’s maximum temperature rather than accommodating to the air temperature within the property. When weather compensation is fitted, the boiler flow and return temperatures are monitored and controlled allowing the system to react accurately to internal and external air temperature changes which in turn can reduce the amount of fuel used.

With its three storeys having different temperature requirements, the Tower of Glenstrae needed to individually control the heating on each of the building’s levels. Grant’s low loss header systems, which consist of a hydraulic switcher and a distributor, are a cost effective way of feeding more than one heating zone. Sitting vertically on the header unit, two constant and three variable zone pump kits were also fitted with this installation.

By installing a high efficiency boiler, such as a Vortex Pro Boiler House model with sophisticated controls, the Tower of Glenstrae will be able to manage its heating needs with ease while also benefitting from reduced annual fuel bills. With weather compensation ensuring that the boiler’s output is appropriate to its surroundings, and the header system providing greater flexibility to coordinate the property’s different heating requirements, the new system at the Tower of Glenstrae will provide years of reliability and warmth.

Let’s be out with old, inflexible boilers and in with new, efficient and responsive heating from Grant UK!

Out with the old and in with a new Grant Vortex
The header system in place
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