Introducing the Grant Aerona Smart Controller

Introducing the Grant Aerona Smart Controller

The Aerona Smart Controller is an intuitive new addition to the Grant heat pump range which combines a sleek 4.5” touch screen display, remote monitoring and heating curve configuration to deliver optimum efficiency.

The Aerona Smart Controller is a weather compensated controller that can operate up to three heating zones as well as the domestic hot water. Featuring a modern user interface, the controller is straightforward to navigate, allowing installers and homeowners to access the core heat pump and system settings with ease. In addition to setting the heating schedules, domestic hot water timings and the systems on/off schedule, the Aerona Smart Controller also has in-built installer assistant features which support the set-up and commissioning of an Aerona³ heat pump.

At the centre of the Aerona Smart Controller is its advanced monitoring software. With the ability to independently adjust the heating curves for each zone, the controller cleverly calculates the optimum flow temperature for the heat pump in relation to the conditions outside of the property. 

The Aerona Smart Controller comes with a wi-fi hub which, alongside the dedicated web-browser platform and app, allows access to core performance data for both the heat pump and system, remote adjustment of temperature settings and parameters, as well as giving access to error codes and diagnostics information to assist with remote system support. The Aerona Smart Controller therefore not only supports the set-up and day-to-day running of an Aerona³ heat pump but it also provides interactive performance data for end-users and engineers anytime and anywhere.

“The Aerona Smart Controller is the latest innovation to join Grant’s renewables range,” comments Paul Wakefield, Managing Director at Grant UK. “When we previewed this product at InstallerSHOW last June, the response we received from customers was incredibly positive with installers excited to see this type of heat pump control joining our offering. Heat pump technology has evolved significantly over recent years and the controls which manage these systems have also had to transform so that optimum performances can be achieved for installers and their customers. The Aerona Smart Controller marks a new chapter for Grant’s controls range, delivering intuitive operation to help maximise the performance of Grant heat pump installations.”

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