Grant VortexAir Hybrid is a finalist in the H&V News Awards 2017

Grant VortexAir Hybrid is a finalist in the H&V News Awards 2017

The Grant VortexAir oil boiler and air source heat pump hybrid is amongst the finalists nominated for Domestic Heating Product of the Year at this year’s H&V News Awards which will take place in April.

The revolutionary Grant VortexAir Hybrid was launched last year and brings together the best of both worlds, combining the innovative VortexBlue oil-fired boiler with an Aerona³ inverter driven air source heat pump. This combination of an oil boiler with a renewable appliance maximises the system’s efficiency, delivering reliable, effective heating for end-users.

Designed to help off-gas homeowners introduce renewable technology into their properties, the Grant VortexAir Hybrid provides a solution to do so when a quick replacement heating system is needed. Often, boilers are changed in distress purchase situations, where a replacement is needed as soon as possible in order to reinstate heating to the property. In these circumstances, there is little opportunity to choose an alternative fuel source because the work involved in updating the system would prolong the period of time that a home is without heating. The Grant VortexAir offers an answer to this problem.

The Grant VortexAir can be installed in two stages, with the VortexBlue oil boiler being installed first and immediately restoring heat to the property. The Hybrid’s heat pump can then be installed in the following weeks, once the necessary system updates have been completed. Consequently, the homeowner benefits from having their heating quickly restored while also installing renewable technology into their property and enjoying the long-term benefits an air source heat pump can deliver.

The VortexBlue oil boiler within the Grant VortexAir Hybrid is available in two sizes, either a 15-21kW or 21-26kW model. The VortexBlue boiler uses the latest Riello blue flame burner technology which delivers high efficiencies while also maintaining low NOx emission levels. The heat pump element of the hybrid is from the Grant Aerona³ range, a 16kW inverter driven air source heat pump which has superior Seasonal Coefficient of Performance values even when the temperature outside is low.

Not only can the Grant VortexAir Hybrid be installed in two stages but the oil boiler can either be located internally or externally offering greater flexibility with the installation. Depending on the space available, the VortexAir’s oil boiler can be sited indoors or positioned with the externally located heat pump to create one complete unit. This flexibility offers both the end-user and installer options when it comes to siting the hybrid appliance.

Grant UK is thrilled that the VortexAir Hybrid has been nominated in the forthcoming H&V News Awards in the category for Domestic Heating Product of the Year 2017 (boilers, cylinders, stoves and heat pumps). These prestigious awards celebrate the achievements of those within the heating industry, acknowledging their successes and innovations. To have the VortexAir Hybrid amongst the finalists in this year’s awards is a great achievement and Grant UK is looking forward to the awards ceremony on 20th April in London.

For more information about the Grant VortexAir Hybrid, please click here or view the product range brochure. Further details about the H&V News Awards can be found here.

Grant VortexAir Hybrid is a finalist in the H&V News Awards 2017
Grant VortexAir Hybrid split to show the heat pump and oil boiler
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