Grant UK to stock KBB Fire Valves

Grant UK to stock KBB Fire Valves

Grant UK’s Spares range will be welcoming KBB Fire Valves in November, further increasing the number of parts that engineers can source via their local Grant Spares Stockist.

In mid-November, Grant UK will be stocking KBB Fire Valves. These fast acting, non-electric safety valves conform to BS 5410 Part 1 and are OFTEC OFS E101 approved. Their additional features include:

  • Manual reset
  • Manual on/off for appliance servicing
  • Sensor system fails safe if broken
  • Two alternative temperature settings
  • Remote sensing up to 20m (66ft)
  • Biofuel compatible.

The Fire Valves will also be supplied with a three year warranty.

To view the part codes and product descriptions for the fourteen new Fire Valves, please refer to p. 87 of the Grant UK Spares Retail Price List which is available to download here.

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