Grant UK supports DIY SOS: The Big Build

Grant UK supports DIY SOS: The Big Build
The Liversidge Family

If you watched the episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build, which aired on 17th June on BBC One, it is unlikely that you remained dry-eyed.

The renovation of Liz and Jason Liversidge’s property in Hull not only transformed their home but it has also changed their way of life, offsetting the increasingly difficulties as Jason’s health deteriorates. The impact that the changes to their home will have on their lives was clear to see from Liz and Jason’s reaction and here at Grant UK, we are very proud to have been involved with this project.

Shortly after marrying Liz in 2009 and starting their new family, Jason commenced improvement works on their home. However, the family’s plans were soon halted when Jason was diagnosed with Fabry’s disease which is a rare genetic condition that causes a build-up of toxins within the body, slowly poisoning it. In addition to this life-changing news, Jason was also diagnosed with motor neurone disease with the doctors giving him only a few years to live. Tragically, Jason and Liz soon discovered that their two daughters, Lily and Poppy, had inherited their father’s condition and would also be affected by Fabry’s disease. Consequently, Jason and Liz’s home developments were put on hold and their worlds turned upside down.

The Liversidge family home was becoming impractical for Jason whose deteriorating health meant that parts of the property were soon going to be inaccessible to him. Lacking space, lacking heating, and lacking a family friendly garden in which precious memories could be made, Liz and Jason’s home was the perfect project for Nick Knowles and his DIY SOS team.

The number of tradespeople who donated their time and services to this renovation was significant with many plasterers, electricians, decorators, and garden designers stepping forward to offer their expertise. While the garden was transformed into a wheelchair-friendly environment in which Jason will be able to create treasured family memories for his children, the Liversidges’ home was extended and transformed to create bright, spacious family rooms which were practical for the family’s needs.

Prior to this Big Build project, the property had been without heating which greatly worried Jason who had wanted to fit a new heating system shortly after they had moved in. This is where Grant UK stepped in. Grant supplied a Pro Kitchen/Utility oil-fired boiler from their Vortex range along with a Grant Solar Thermal system and DuoWave cylinder which will all work together to maintain a warm, cosy environment for the whole family. Not only will these products provide comfort to the Liversidge family, they are also highly efficient energy systems which will generate sustainable heating at a low cost.

The Grant Vortex condensing boiler is one of the most efficient oil-fired boilers on the market and has a built-in stainless steel heat exchanger with a unique turbulator baffle system, which allows the latent heat, normally lost to the atmosphere through the flue, to be usefully extracted. The additional energy recovered means the boiler can operate continuously at much higher efficiency levels, resulting in lower heating and hot water running costs. Annual maintenance is also made easy by Grant’s cleverly designed front service access to both the burner and all the internal serviceable parts.

Using the Grant Solar Thermal system to heat their water, the Liversidges will reduce both their oil bills and their carbon footprint. Grant Solar Thermal systems use the inexhaustible energy contained within the sun’s rays to heat a household’s hot water – it is a clean source of energy which reduces the demands put upon a traditional boiler. The solar collectors can typically save up to 70% on annual hot water heating costs.

The Liversidges’ home will now benefit from sustainable heating which is effective and efficient, saving money for the family in the months and years to come. “We were very pleased to be able to work with DIY SOS: The Big Build on such a worthy project,” says Grant UK’s Marketing Manager Anna Wakefield. “Installing a Vortex Pro Kitchen/ Utility boiler and solar thermal system will really improve the family’s present situation and give them years of comfortable, affordable heating in their home.”

At the end of the program, the Liversidges returned to their fully heated, redecorated, more spacious and adaptable property. Accompanied by the transformed garden, the Liversidges’ house had become home.

The emotive reaction of all of the family to the changes was incredibly moving. Jason and Liz were left speechless and tearful as they walked from room to room taking in the new environs of their home. Understandably, emotions were high as Jason could see that their home was now safe and comfortable for his family. Their home is now a place where they can be a family, enjoying every moment together and creating memories for Liz, Lily and Poppy to cherish forever. Jason, Liz and their family can now focus on the important things in life amongst the welcoming surrounds of their home which will be reliably heated for years to come.

Grant UK supports DIY SOS: The Big Build
DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles alongside the DuoWave cylinder installed at the Liversidge family home
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