Grant UK now offer air source heat pump packs

Grant UK now offer air source heat pump packs

New heat pump packs are now available to purchase from Grant UK which consist of the Aerona³ air source heat pumps and their key accessories. Available for all three sizes of the Aerona³ heat pump, these packs will not only make life easier for installers but also deliver them cost savings as well.

Three packs are now on sale, one for each of the Aerona³ inverter driven air source heat pumps. The pack codes are: HPID6PACK1 for the 6kW Aerona³, HPID10PACK2 for the 10kW Aerona³ and HPID16PACK3 for the 16kW Aerona³.

Alongside the heat pump model, each pack also contains the following accessories:

  • Buffer tank
  • Flexi foot kit
  • Mag One filter
  • Domestic hot water boost kit
  • Sealed system kit
  • Through wall insulation kit
  • Installers will be able to source all of these items using one code, making their life simpler when it comes to ordering products through their local merchant – a heat pump and its six essential accessories all included within one pack code.

Furthermore, ordering these packs will deliver cost savings to engineers as well. Compared to buying the products individually, each of these heat pump packs can help installers make a saving of over £140.*

These new heat pump packs will help installers in more than one way, saving them both time and money. Grant Engineering – delivering efficiency at every level.

Please click here to read more about the Grant Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pumps.

*Based on 1st October 2017 RRP.

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