Grant UK increases offering to installers through revamped incentive scheme

Grant UK increases offering to installers through revamped incentive scheme

March 2018 saw Grant UK rebrand its popular installer scheme with the launch of a redesigned online Portal, a new product registration app, and the introduction of a loyalty points rewards programme.

In 2011, Grant UK launched an installer scheme designed to assist engineers in the field. Benefits for installers who joined the G-One Scheme included free Grant product training, longer guarantees on the products they installed and access to marketing support. Today, these great features remain at the heart Grant UK’s installer scheme but, on 1st March 2018, some new changes are being welcomed which will strive to increase the benefits that members can enjoy.

Scheme rebrand

To reflect the introduction of these exciting new additions, the scheme itself has enjoyed a revamp with new branding throughout. Formerly known as G-One, the Scheme will now be called G1. This simple but effective rename signifies a change in the installer scheme while also sustaining a recognisable identity for both installers and homeowners. With its new logos, Grant UK’s G1 Scheme has been given a fresh new look, branding that members will be able to use in their own marketing materials.

The G1 brand will serve to extend the progress that its G-One predecessor has established. Grant UK’s installer network has continued to evolve, with product training and experience at its core. Consequently, being a member of this scheme has been aspirational for many installers. Similarly, the accreditation has become increasingly sought after by homeowners who want their new heating system to be installed and fitted by an approved Grant installer. While new scheme features are being launched this year, the fundamental ethos of the G1 Scheme will remain – supporting experienced engineers to install quality, reliable home heating for homeowners for years to come.

New G1 Portal

In March, G1 installers will have access to a new online Portal which will replace the online platform previously set up for scheme members. The G1 Portal is exclusively available to installers signed onto the scheme and, once logged in, installers will be presented with a Portal which has been redesigned with the user in the mind. With its new look, the Portal has a more streamlined appearance designed to make site navigation easier and the visitor experience more enjoyable.

Some key features of the new Portal include:

  • Quick, simple product registration form with the option to save drafts
  • Registration log with useful indicators to highlight upcoming service due-dates
  • Interactive, bespoke dashboard with an installer’s account information collated together
  • Downloads hub where technical manuals, marketing literature and other useful guides can be viewed
  • A new Blog which G1 installers will be invited to read and engage with
  • G1 Shop where branded clothing, merchandise and promotional items can be ordered.

These changes have been incorporated onto the new G1 Portal platform in response to installer feedback. The G1 Portal is the place where installers must register their installations in order to activate the longer guarantees, so its functionality and usability is essential.

While the Portal’s central purpose is to process product registrations, Grant also want the platform to be a place where installers can turn to for marketing and technical support. The Portal will share the latest Grant news to keep G1 installers up to date and ahead of the field. A useful new Blog will give installers the opportunity to interact with content and the improved G1 Shop offers a wider range of items for installers to access.

New registration app

Installers asked for a G1 product registration app and Grant has delivered with the unveiling of a brand new app called G1 Click! This app, which is also exclusively available to G1 members, will enable installers to register products onsite with a quick click of the button!

G1 Click syncs with an installer’s G1 Portal account, providing a seamless user experience between the two platforms. G1 Click is designed to assist installers who prefer to register their installations when on the go, so it does not feature all of the Portal’s functionality. Through the app, G1 installers can submit a new registration in full or complete a partial registration, save it as a draft and complete at a later date. G1 Click also incorporates some handy features all designed to help make life easier for engineers, including:

  • Serial number scanner which can auto-fill the boiler details
  • Online and offline modes so, even when there is no WiFi onsite, the app will still function and save any data entered
  • Automatically syncs with an installer’s G1 Portal account

G1 Click and the G1 Portal are both intended to be useful tools for installers, helping to make product registrations easier to complete. Paperwork is a necessary part of an engineer’s day to day workings so it is hoped that both the app and Portal will help installers submit their product registrations more efficiently, reducing their time spent completing administration and allowing them to spend more time with their customers.

Loyalty rewarded

As the saying goes, ‘the best things come in threes’. In keeping with this tradition, the G1 Scheme rebrand comprises of three new elements. Joining the new Portal and G1 Click app is an exciting new points rewards scheme for loyal Grant installers. A new tier of G1 is launching on 1st March 2018 which will enable installers to accrue points against their oil boiler registrations, points which in turn can be redeemed against items in the G1 Shop. Developed as a loyalty rewards programme under the scheme, G1+ Points will give back to installers who fit Grant oil boilers and regularly engage with the Portal.

G1+ Points is a brand new tier that engineers can progress to after installing and registering the required number of products. Initially launching for a promotional period of twenty-four months, G1+ Points will accrue rewards points for installers. Engineers who join this tier will be able to accumulate points against the oil boiler installations that they register via the Portal and G1 Click. G1+ Points installers can then claim these points against the selection of items available to order in the G1 Shop.

G1+ Points will do precisely as its name suggests. It offers all the benefits of G1 (including extended guarantees) plus the added rewards of a points loyalty programme. (Full Terms and Conditions will apply which can be requested via the Grant G1 Team.)

Since its launch, Grant UK’s installer scheme has welcomed over 2,000 engineers. Through this network of installers, thousands of homeowners have incorporated Grant’s award winning heating technologies into their homes. It is hoped that the new Portal and G1 Click platforms will serve to help G1 installers by making some of their tasks easier to manage. Meanwhile, the introduction of G1+ Points will recognise installers for their loyalty, rewarding those whose preference is to install and work with Grant. The Grant UK G1 Installer Scheme – install, register, and gain.

If you are already a member of G1 or if you are an installer interested in joining the G1 Scheme, please contact G1@grantuk.com for further details.


Grant UK increases offering to installers through revamped incentive scheme
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