Grant UK achieves carbon neutral operations

Grant UK achieves carbon neutral operations

Grant UK is thrilled to announce that its business operations have been recognised for being carbon neutral, a significant milestone which is forming part of Grant Project Zero, the Company’s ongoing carbon reduction initiative to lower emissions and work towards the UK’s target of Net Zero carbon targets.

Grant Project Zero is Grant UK’s company-wide carbon reduction programme, comprising of a roadmap of key goals and initiatives which will help the Company to significantly reduce its environmental impact, focusing on lowering its carbon footprint and operating sustainably. One of the biggest goals for this year has already been achieved with Grant UK’s business operations achieving carbon neutral status in March 2022 for its prior trading year (covering Scope 1 direct emissions and Scope 2 indirect emissions).

Carbon neutrality acknowledges a combination of activities which result in no extra carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. As a result of Grant UK’s recycling and waste reduction initiatives, energy use and generation, and much more, the Company has managed to achieve a significant target within its Grant Project Zero programme. After calculating its carbon footprint, reducing emissions where currently possible and investing in a UN certified carbon offset project, Grant UK was assessed and confirmed as a carbon neutral business in 2021.

To support its carbon neutral pledge, Grant UK is also participating in the UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative which encourages businesses to assess their carbon impact and act now to make changes to reduce it. This initiative aims to be a support tool to help companies to voluntarily act against climate change and it recognises those who take positive steps by awarding bronze, silver and gold status to participating companies. As a participant of this programme, Grant UK has signed a Climate Neutral New Pledge to measure its carbon footprint, reduce its emissions, and contribute to carbon savings. Grant UK has been awarded bronze status for measurement and reduction, and silver status for contributions.

“Grant UK has always strived to operate as efficiently as possible but Grant Project Zero formally sets out our commitment as a Company to make a difference for the better,” comments Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK. “Individuals and businesses all have the scope to make changes which will reduce carbon emissions and help the environment and we are proud that Grant UK is already operating as a carbon neutral business. Our participation in the Climate Neutral Now Initiative as well as our upcoming plans to further improve the sustainability of our operations reflects Grant UK’s ongoing pledge to work towards a greener, cleaner future.”

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